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Here are the 2021 price targets of BTC, ETH, DOT, and ADA

2021 has been one of the best years for crypto so far. The prices of Bitcoin and altcoins have increased significantly and are expected to increase even further by the end of the year. So, if you think that you missed out on the rally and price increases of coins at the beginning of this year, you are not very late. Even investing now in ETH, BTC, DOT, ADA, and others could fetch you anywhere between 5-10 times returns. There are also coins that could even fetch you 20 times returns like Zilliqa. It’s all about patience and the ability to HODL through market fluctuations. Let’s take a look at the price targets of these popular coins as given by a crypto analyst.

The reason behind the price targets

Even though we know that cryptocurrencies are the future, any price targets should be backed by a proper understanding of the coins. If there are no fundamentals backing something, the only way it could increase is by pure hype. But yes, Van De Poppe has some interesting theory about the same. He thinks that the markets are new now and there is no rationality. Once another bull cycle starts and the market reaches its peak optimum, we could see a 5-10x increase in prices in most coins.

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He referred to how Ethereum rose by 15 times in under a year. From trading at around $130 to around $2000. If that gain happened when the market wasn’t even at its peak, there is no doubting that it could surge another 5-10 times by 2021 end. Similarly, Bitcoin has increased extensively over the course of the year, and the rally is nowhere near to end yet. Bitcoin has also gotten a hefty price target by the individual at around 350k-400k. This will put it in line with gold and the 2nd most valuable asset in the world.


Even though investing in Alts has more risk, but in the long run, they could provide much better returns than Bitcoin. He thinks coins like ADA and Zilliqa can give anywhere between 10-20 times returns depending on how bullish the market becomes. But at the same time, there is definitely greater risk associated with investing substantial amounts in them. Checking out the charts of altcoins, we can see that most of them have scaled by 100 times in the past 8 months. So, another 10 times gain doesn’t seem too shabby.

What do you think about the price targets of BTC, ETH, DOT, ADA, and others? And are these numbers too good to be true? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like it and share it with your friends.

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