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Square Enix Calls Marvel’s Avengers ‘Disappointing’

According to VGC, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda concluded that the GaaS model for Marvel’s Avengers did not produce the expected results, implying that Crystal Dynamics might not have been the right studio to develop this game. Crystal Dynamics indirectly accused the developer that it might not be suitable for the Games as a Service (GaaS) project. While the Avengers are still managed by Square Enix and the developer Crystal Dynamics, publisher executives have not been shy about their dissatisfaction with the game’s performance since its release last year.

Marvel's Avengers

Credit @ Square Enix

While Matsuda admitted that 2020 was a tough year for the game’s release due to the pandemic, he also said the Avengers never achieved their expected heights. Explaining that difficulties such as switching to work from home during a pandemic must be overcome when developing live superhero games, Matsuda said that he was held back by the X-Files.

Matsuda is basically saying here that the Marvels Avengers are a big disappointment and that Crystal Dynamics was not the right fit for the job as GaaS was not part of their skill set. I think we should look at Square Enix’s past expectations for games, especially western games, which seem ridiculously high standards. Matsuda also called Final Fantasy VII Remake a “one-of-a-kind success” as it went beyond in-store sales caused by the pandemic and did well digitally. He also received checks from Sony and Microsoft for the PS Now and. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can try Marvel’s Avengers after it was added to the service recently.

The developer is working with Marvel’s Midnight Suns on spandex-clad heroes with Marvel’s Midnight Suns, although the official release was delayed. Shortly after the title quote was posted, it was also announced that Spider-Man would be available for PlayStation only from November 30, but the hero’s appearance has not yet been revealed. Crystal Dynamics may finally have found a relative gold mine by creating MCU-based skins in the game that reportedly sell very well.

Marvel's Avengers

Credit @ Square Enix

The games as a service (GaaS) is a constantly updated game with a stream of new missions, characters, and more to keep players coming back for Destiny 2 style. I would also like to point out that Marvel’s Avengers was ambitious for them because they have adopted the GaaS (Games as a Service) model.

Former director of Crystal Dynamics Studios Darrell Gallagher holds the same role at The Initiative, while Perfect Dark Project Manager, Game Director Daniel Neuburger also served as Game Director for the Tomb Raider series. “We overcame a number of unforeseen difficulties in the final stages of development of the game, including the need to move to work due to the pandemic at home, and were able to overcome these difficulties and publish the game, but it was unfortunately not as successful as we would like”.

The new challenge they faced with this game has been disappointing, but they are confident that the GaaS approach will gain more importance as the games become more and more service-oriented. While the new problem that they faced with this game has been disappointing, the studio is confident that the importance of the GaaS approach will increase as the game becomes more service-oriented. It looks like Square Enix expected Marvel’s Avengers literally to be here for the game to work at this level, even if no game came near to touching Destiny in this space.



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