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Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Announced

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake

Credit @ PlayStation

Sony made the announcement during the latest PlayStation showcase that the Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic will be getting a PS5 remake. Aspyr Media has revealed BioWare and LucasArts’ classic Star Wars role-playing game for the PlayStation 5, Windows, and PC rebranding it on Thursday during the Sony PlayStation presentation. If the rumors about the remake of Knights Of The Old Republic are true, folks one of the games that kept the flame of Star Wars burning in the US will get a remake and with the official unveiling of the game, its title will be a remake of the classic BioWare story of lightsabers, fallen Jedi and Revan from the days of Star Wars.

The remake was developed by Aspyr in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games. The teaser confirms that a complete remake will not be edited by the original developers BioWare, as Asperyr has a record of porting classic Star Wars games to modern platforms. It is a Texas-based studio that has worked on various projects with Lucasfilms for more than a decade, including porting the original Knights of the Old Republic to the iPhone and iPad before being swallowed by Embracer Group, a fast-growing company owned by Borderlands manufacturer Gearbox.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic is one of the most critical Star Wars Games with the PC version currently 93% on Metacritic. The game took home various awards, including Game Developers Choice Awards Game of the Year, BAFTA Games Awards Best Xbox Game of the Year, Interactive Achievement Awards Best Console RPG, and Best Computer RPG. Aspyr was founded in 2005 with the focus on porting top game titles to macOS but has since spread to other platforms.

The new version of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic seems to be nothing more than a contemporary haven for modern comfort. In honor of the legacy and hope of Lucasfilm Games and Aspyr, a whole new generation of players who have never played Knights of the Old Republic can take control of the controller. It’s like playing Biowarea’s ancient Dragon Age games, but with Star Wars magic, while building your skills in power and choosing to follow the dark or light side.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake

Credit @ PlayStation

The game has been praised by critics for its storytelling and choice-oriented gameplay. Knights of the Old Republic was one of the best games of the generation thanks to the developer BioWare’s storytelling and his ability to present interesting decisions to the player. The game is set 4,000 years before the events of the original Star Wars movie trilogy, in the “old Republic” era of Star Wars where the player controls a character who is in line either with Jedi or with the Sith depending on which decisions the player makes.

The original video game is set 4,000 years before the Star Wars movies when Darth Malak, an apprentice to Darth Revan, unleashes the Sith Armada on the Republic. This classic from 2003 was one of the first Star Wars games in which players had the freedom to play role-playing games on both sides of the force and were entitled to slide to the dark side depending on the decision.



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