Startups that are helping in India’s fight against Coronavirus

Takeaway: Read how startups like Zoomcar, Staqu, and Aiisma are helping the government in their efforts to fight the Coronavirus outbreak through their innovative contributions. 


We are all aware of how the Coronavirus pandemic is not only a global health emergency but is also responsible for bringing a halt to economic activities across the world. According to Bloomberg, the International Monetary Fund sees the COVID-19 lockdown recession as worst since the great depression. Job sites in India have seen falling employment trends in multiple industries as well as rising remote working opportunities. 


During times like these, innovation to bring forth solution-driven inventions that would help curb the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial. Startup India launched it’s United Against COVID-19 Innovation Challenge that challenges companies, startups, and innovators to help the Indian government by developing innovative solutions and technology for prudent as well as treatment-related interventions. Here are startup stories from some companies and innovators that are contributing their bit for fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. 



Zoomcar is a car rental platform based in Bangalore. It has taken the initiative to help during the times of Corona by utilizing selected vehicles to ease emergency transportation for the frontline workers that include healthcare professionals, delivery executives, and bankers. The CEO & Co-founder of Zoomcar Greg Moran said that they were ensuring safer transportation options via personalized and completely sanitized self-drive vehicles are being provided. The company aims to continue focussing on delivering safe, reliable & affordable self-drive mobility solutions. 



The Gurgaon-based startup Staqu has launched its thermal camera under Jarvus, its video analytics platform. The thermal camera alerts the system if it detects anyone above a body temperature of 37 degrees Celcius and examines heat signatures directly through cameras, allowing authorities to identify and inspect the suspected carriers of the virus further. 



Aiisma is a C2B data marketplace startup that has launched a data tracking feature for COVID-19 called AiiHealth. The platform has its tracking and health mapping features, which can be used for effective contact tracing on the ground. Coronavirus is a water droplet borne disease, which is why it can spread rapidly through human contact. 


The insights accumulated by the Aiisma ecosystem naturally creates a digital fence against the Coronavirus spread, assisting citizens and authorities in their fight against the infectious virus. 


Other Businesses and Volunteers Helping Fight Corona

There are many unsung heroes that are helping fight Corona each day through their efforts. Business ideas in India usually revolved around, making the maximum profits, and expanding business horizons. But today, every person is making their effort to help fight the COVID-19 in their own way. 


Some individuals are making face masks made from recycled cloth from home, others are feeding the hungry individuals and animals on a daily basis, and some have made their contribution to the PM Cares Coronavirus relief fund. Coronavirus is humanity’s fight against this deadly disease, which can only be fought by following the preventive measures and helping as much as we can towards the community.