Stop Playing Safe: Face These Four Types Of Fears

When asked in a survey, what astonishes you the most when you log into social media. 80% people said it is either the world is jumping in the institution of marriage or the e-n-t-r-e-world.

If the world is trying it what is stopping you? I ain’t sure of the former, but the latter is worth trying.

stop playing safe

The fact that you don’t wish to imitate what the crowd runs after is yet another fabricated reason for procrastinating your real dreams. Don’t put off your dreams for another day; it’s not your new year’s resolution, make it your reality.

Just trust your instinct and stop playing safe. Break open the shackles of the hypocrisy which is holding you back; well I call it F-e-a-r.

I shall walk you through the various types of fears of this entre-world to get the ball rolling:

1. Make your Fear, a Good Fear

Having a fear is not the concern, what matters is what you take out of it. A bad fear will instigate you to maintain a one arm distance and procrastinate the idea altogether.

A good fear, works on opposite phenomena. It helps you drive through all thick and thins. It is an adaptive behaviour which makes you scared of falling. It is this principle of failure which devised the concept of ‘ survival of the fittest’.

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It triggers a feeling of fight or a flight within us. Fear helps us to weigh the various pros and cons of risks when dealing with dangerous situations.

Introspect, understand the good fear and let that fight help you take a flight of your dreams.

2. Your Fear is not Yours, it’s a Copied Fear

The fear that bothers you right now, is not yours. It’s a learned one, an adaptation either from your past or from other’s experiences.

The need of the hour is to identify the real cause of the ‘Why’ factor of fear, to tackle the situation constructively.

Your friend might have pointed; it wouldn’t work. Alas! It didn’t. Would you give leverage to his or her words before your next venture?

The only way out is, trust your gut; no one knows the road which awaits ahead. Go explore!

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3. Dictative Fear, don’t let it rule you

Everything has their separate place in our lives. Don’t mix them or let one overpower the other nor should you ignore it. Same is the case with fear. Understand it, its role, don’t misinterpret it with something else, just acknowledge it. This is courage.

You have two options, let fear control you or let your courage control your fear, when the outcomes are uncertain.

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect time’ be it to start off, expand, hire or fire. If you happen to wait, you would be sitting where you are forever. Have faith and courage just jump! Jump now into the game of dreams.

4. Perseverance will help overcome, outcome Fear

Perseverance can help accomplish a lot more you thought. Human’s have a tendency to undervalue their capability, creating self-induced problems.

The thin parity between the one who makes it and the other who can’t is the policy of just not giving up.

Entrepreneurship is the safest of all. You never end up failing. It’s either you win, or you learn. In both the situations, you end up growing.

Times have shown, some of the most successful entrepreneurs have had a brief phase of failure. It does not make any of them, any less of a success story; in fact, it makes their story much sweeter and worthy.

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