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SucSEED Indovation starts their HealthTech Investment with AyuRythm, a Wellness Platform.

AyuRythm (HourOnEarth Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd), has secured an undisclosed amount in Fundraise SucSEED Indovation Fund and other several marquee Angel investors as part of its Seed round. AyuRythm is your hyper-personalized digital companion for holistic wellness,  with a blend of modern technologies with the ancient science of health assessment and care. Leveraging a  simple 30-second pulse analysis (Nadi Pariksha) by placing fingers on smartphone cameras, AyuRythm aims to redefine holistic wellness via personalized recommendations based on an individual’s mind, body,  and metabolic imbalance. 

AyuRythm provides an affordable, instantaneous, complete, personalized, wellness solution on the hands of consumers by integrating cutting edge digital Nadi pariksha (pulse analysis) into mobile phones. Unlike current offerings which focus on expensive devices for physicians, AyuRythm allows consumers to use existing smartphones or wearables. It provides real-time assessment and just-in-time wellness recommendations. AyuRythm’s assessment and recommendation engines are certified by leading institutions, like SVYASA, HCG, Niraamaya Retreat, Dr Vaidya’s, as well as by many individual experts. 

Pandemic has reinforced consumers’ interest in holistic wellness to boost immunity, reduce stress and stay well using ancient methods like Ayurveda and yoga. During the second wave of the pandemic, AyuRythm’s activation rate increased by 60% and the install base reached ~100,000.

AyuRythm Team

AyuRythm Team

Abhilesh Gupta, the Founder and CEO of AyuRythm said, “People are unique and so are their wellness needs. Our aha moment came when we realized more than 90% of consumers are looking for sustainable wellness solutions beyond aggressive exercise like running, weight-lifting and cycling. The overwhelming response from the young adult population during the past few months has certainly validated our hypotheses and opened up exciting possibilities ahead, globally”. 

He further added that “The seed funding we raised from SucSEED Indovation Fund and such established  Angel Investors will help us enhance our product and technology capabilities, strengthening our team and accelerate growth”. 

Speaking on why they have invested in AyuRythm, VVSN Raju Partner of SucSEED Indovation Fund,  said, ”As the pandemic continues, people have become more heedful towards their well-being and there is a need for sustainable personalized wellness. AyuRythm provides digitized real-time assessments by merging Ayurveda with AI algorithm to recommend proactive solutions. They address the underlying causes and treatments of the ailments and stress-related issues which can be accessible and analyzed on smart devices and wearables. As the wellness and healthcare segment is growing fast, AyuRythm provides  digitized end-to-end holistic wellness experience.” 

About the market Potential in this space: Ayurveda (and its allied industry like yoga) industry is on the cusp of high growth and change. It is predicted to be about $15Bn by 2022 and growing at 16% CAGR  approximately. The product market is $11Bn and service is around $4Bn. According to the PWC report, about  77% of Indian households have used at least 1 Ayurveda product every year. The Worldwide Ayurveda product market is close to $10Bn growing again at 16%. Yoga products like yoga mats are close to $2Bn in the US  alone. 

Supplementary Information – About AyuRythm 


Founded by Ram, Sandeep and Abhilesh, who saw the need for a sustainable and personalized wellness solution for 90% of the population, enabled by everyday devices like smartphones and wearables. Using signal processing and patent-pending algorithms, the startup assesses the user’s mind, body and metabolic imbalance, and personalizes the diet and activities to help users achieve and maintain their wellness state. 

Problem(s) that AyuRythm is addressing

  • Physical wellness is just the tip of the iceberg and consumers today know that.
  • Holistic wellness lacks objective and technology-driven measurement which can drive personalization. ● Real-time assessment and just in time advisory is a consumer need that cannot be addressed without technology. Even though content and solutions are many; accessible, curated, and personalized content is a need of a consumer. 

Solution by AyuRythm: 

  • Our 30-30 solution: Answer 30 MCQs one time and take 30-second pulse analysis via smartphone camera every day and measure your mind, body and metabolic imbalance.
  • You get personalized recommendations on yoga, pranayama, mediation, kriya, mudra, food, and herbal supplements.
  • Access curated plans, including DIY content, services, and products via the platform. ● Just in time suggestions to address your current wellness needs. Monitor your progress and achieve your wellness state and access a large database of home remedies.

Founder’s Details – 

Abhilesh Gupta, Founder and CEO at AyuRythm- A seasoned executive with 25 years of accomplishments in different sectors, geographies, and areas of business. A diehard health and wellness enthusiast. 

Ramanath Padmanabhan, Founder & CPO at AyuRythm – Seasoned product management executive and a  leader with decades of experience in building and scaling health and wellness solutions globally. 

Sandeep Acharya, Founder and COO at AyuRythm – An Engineer and MBA, having more than a decade of experience in customer data analytics, with expertise in areas of customer intelligence, statistical modelling, and end-to-end analytics landscape setup, in the banking and healthcare sector. 



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