Health-tech Startup Suki raises $20 million in Series A Funding


01 May 2018, India:

Health-tech startup Suki has raised $20 million in Series a round of funding. The funding round was led by Venrock. First Round, Social Capital and individual Googlers and other angels including Nat Turner of Flatiron Health, and Marc Benioff (CEO of Salesforce) also participated in the funding round.

The startup will use the fresh capital to fuel its AI-powered, voice-enabled digital assistant for doctors.

“AI is changing the world around us, and it’s about time that it does the same for health care. With Suki, we have created a solution that is personalised to each doctor, inexpensively scalable, and easy to implement to make your work day easier. It’s like having an assistant in the exam room with you who knows how you practice,” said Punit Soni, co-founder of Suki.

Qammer Bokhari, MD, chief medical information officer at Adventist Health System said, “There is so much potential in the data collected in EHRs, but what we need to do is make it easier for doctors to input that data without having to outsource a legion of scribes or buy dictation software that isn’t intelligent. Suki solves that problem.”

Michael Behr, MD, medical director, OrthoAtlanta said, “Suki and the artificial intelligence it brings to the electronic medical record will dramatically improve a physician’s ability to spend more time with the patient and less time in front of a computer. Providers will enthusiastically embrace this leap forward in health care technology.”

Jonathan Bush, CEO of athenahealth said, “Health care needs so many things to be freed from its soul-less costly state. It needs a working demand curve, and better transparency, but it also needs a platform company ecosystem. Suki is the first company to emerge as a pure-play platform ecosystem company.”

Suki was founded by Punit Soni and Karthik Rajan. It is an AI-powered, voice-enabled digital assistant for doctors. It lifts the burden of documentation, enabling them to focus on treating patients.

(Image – Suki)