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Super Mario Bros. Game From 1986 Sells For $660,000

Super Mario Bros. Game From 1986 Sells For $660,000

Super Mario Bros

A copy of Super Mario Bros. for the NES has sold for a record $660,000 – making it the most expensive video game ever. The record, which was set at an auction in New York City on Friday, was not the first sale of its kind in video game history.

The game was auctioned off at an auction, where the largest high-end video game on offer and the number of lots offered were auctioned off. Heritage Auctions is one of the world’s largest and most respected video game auction houses, founded in the United States and operated by Heritage. Pictures and information about the lots of the auction can be found at HA.com.

Heritage also has a strong reputation as one of the largest and most respected video game auctions in the world. Heritage Auctions had more than 1,000 registered bidders and members with a realized total price of over $1.5 million.

The Comics & Comic Art Auction continues on Saturday with a session dedicated to the original art. On Saturday, there will be an Internet session on original art starting at 11 a.m. and a panel discussion at 12 noon.

Since the production window for these and the other copies was so short, it would be like searching for a single drop of water in the ocean to find a copy of the original Super Mario Bros. game for $660,000. There is certainly not much time left for the variants produced for these two.

The nationwide launch of the console took place in the middle of – until the end of 1986, and the production window was remarkably short. The black box game distributed with the release had no Game Pak or NES GP code, the box had no brand symbols and was part of an extremely small edition. This copy still has its retail tag, but it only paints a picture of how short it really was. It was made up for the lack of a widely available video game, released in 1985 and the only Super Mario Bros. game ever produced.

It’s still factory sealed, for one thing, and still rated a 9.6 by the company that grades collectibles, but that’s about it.

This is also the only factory that has ever offered a sealed copy of the black box title Heritage Auctions, and its elite conservation only adds to its convertibility, fueled by its rarity of variants. It is also just one of only a handful of plastic sealed copies of Super Mario Bros. There are also only two other black – sealed – copy boxes, both from the same game, but this is the first time they have ever been offered by Heritage. It is only the second time that a factory has offered a copy of a sealed, plastic black box. There are also only three other sealed and plastic seals – only copies of this game.

This is one of a handful of variants of this title that have been produced in an exceptionally short time and the rarest of all Super Mario Bros. games.
This is the second-highest price for a Super Mario Bros. game in history after it was discovered earlier this year and set at $114,000 by Heritage Auctions in July 2020. The classic Nintendo video game was bought as a Christmas present at the end of 1986, and though we can’t be too shocked (who doesn’t love Mario?), it was eventually placed in an attic, where it remained untouched for more than 30 years until it was discovered and bought by a collector in the late 1990s.



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