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Xiaomi’s Mi Home Ranked As “India’s Top Exclusive Smartphone Retail Store”
A recent nationwide UNOMER survey continues to show largest loyalty of Indian customers to Xiaomi's retail outlets for their goods in India, here is the complete details

A recent nationwide UNOMER survey has shown the greatest attraction of Indian customers to Xiaomi’s retail outlets for their goods in India. The analysis revealed that the Mi Home Store was the very first preference for an entertaining experience in the survey questionnaire through many dimensions of customer satisfaction.

Study participants were required to determine their happiness on different metrics, and for each criterion in the exclusive retail smartphone shops in India, the percentages were calculated.

Unomer’s study titled “CSAT Benchmarking Research Report for smartphone retailing” is intended to assess customer loyalty among a wide range of India’s leading exclusive smartphone retailers, including Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Apple, and a number of others.

The architectural structure, the purchases available for financial funding, the fluidity of the check-out procedure, and the personnel expertise were among the customer loyalty metrics included in the report.

Xiaomi Ranked As India’s Top Exclusive Smartphone Retail Store For Providing Best Customer Experience

Xiaomi Ranked As India’s Top Exclusive Smartphone Retail Store For Providing Best Customer Experience

In employee awareness, accounting/checkout, and funding requirements, the Mi Home stores averaged about 62 percent, which has been the highest in the exclusive retail stores surveyed. After its foundation in India, Xiaomi has seen significant growth, and now has 75 of these stores spread over 19 cities across the subcontinent.

Sunil Baby, a manager of Xiaomi India, conveyed joy in his reply to the UNOMER report by launching Mi Home as India’s best luxury exclusive smartphone store. The Mi brand will continue to achieve quality in every aspect and will continue to satisfy its customers across India.

Baby emphasized that the Mi Home shops have a distinctive architectural style and have been designed using environmentally friendly products, combining the excellent personnel with its merchandise to provide its thriving Indian consumers with a fantastic experience.

Xiaomi has guaranteed that it will continue to reach the high goals it has set itself to uphold and even meet its aspirations.

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