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B2B Managed Marketplace Taskmo Raises $1.4M And Huge Business Support From Quess Corp.

Taskmo, Bangalore based Task fulfillment platform raised $1.4M from Quess Corp India’s leading Business Services provider and the country’s largest private sector employer. With this investment, Taskmo is also securing the biggest ever business and demand generation support. 

Founded by Prashant Janadri & Naveen Ram, the homegrown gig platform is winning the Gen Z and millennial population by privileging nearby tasks, digital-driven training and instant payments.

Taskmo is a leading B2B managed marketplace that serves as an on-demand platform for enterprises seeking to outsource task-based operations to a distributed network of gig workers. Available on Google Playstore and on the web, Taskmo uses a proprietary algorithm to train, match and deploy gig workers.

  • Mr. Suraj Moraje, Group CEO Quess, said

“Task based work models are here to stay, and will augment existing labour models. This investment in Taskmo will add to Quess’ growing digital arsenal, alongside WorQ, Qjobs and MarQet. We are excited to be accelerating this young and visionary team and look forward to winning together”.

  • Mr. Lohit Bhatia, President – Quess Workforce Management

“Entry into the gig economy is a natural extension of Quess’ market leading workforce management platform. Gig and temp workforce complement each other and together represent a force multiplier for growing enterprises. We are confident that Taskmo will bring tremendous value to our clients, and we are looking forward to turbo-boosting the Taskmo franchise.”

‘The new capital will be used to further the product roadmap, expand infrastructure to support its 300 percent YoY growth, increase its user base and presence across all pincodes in India’, the startup said.

  • Mr. Prashant Janadri, Co-Founder – Taskmo, said,

“We are excited about partnering with the country’s largest private sector employer. We believe Taskmo’s digital-first approach combined with Quess’ scale will form a formidable force in digital workforce management.  This partnership marks a pivotal point in our journey towards making access to jobs a fundamental right for every Indian and inspires us to work doubly hard”. 

Taskmo Founders: Prashant Janadari &  Naveen Ramchandra,

Taskmo Founders: Prashant Janadari &  Naveen Ramchandra,

 – Mr. Naveen Ramchandra, Co-Founder – Taskmo, said,

“With Quess, The veteran joining our cap table, Taskmo will address a massive market with its unique service offerings empowering employers and enabling flexible work options to large pie of young workers seeking opportunities . We are thankful to Quess for believing in us”


About Taskmo:

Taskmo was operating as FeedMyPockets until 2020. Post covid, this Bangalore based startup rebranded to Taskmo with a vision of building for half billion users in new Bharath. 

“At Taskmo, we are building a cutting-edge tech product that offers nearby tasks, digital-driven training, geo-based task allocation & tracking to the nationwide gig workers whereas companies can submit their fulfillment request just in five minutes. our TAT (turn around time) is just five hours to start fulfilling.”, said Prashant.

Taskmo is addressing one of the world’s largest gig economy markets with a vision of making job accessibility a fundamental right for the Indian workforce. As of today, about a million gig workers and more than 250 companies had signed up with Taskmo.



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