Tech giant, Google reveals details about its AI language model PaLM
Tech giant, Google reveals details about its AI language model PaLM Image Credits: The Verge

Tech giant, Google reveals details about its AI language model PaLM
Google has revealed officail details of the working behind AI language model, PaLM in order to challenge OpenAI and GPT-3:

The tech behemoth Google has finally made an appearance in front of the public by disclosing all the information and revealing the development process behind PaLM, its most recent AI language model. Since the tech giant released its new AI language model on the market, it has come in for a lot of criticism regarding the effectiveness and accuracy of its AI models, but it appears that Google has taken up the challenge to overcome all of these rumors.

And to carry out this! The giant was forced to reveal information about its new AI model, and it was revealed that the brand-new PaLM AI tool’s operation was dependent on recently created tools and API, which will assist both businesses and regular users in producing text, images, codes, videos, and performing a variety of other tasks.

PaLM AI Model working explained 

According to the most recent reports from Google, PaLM is one of the targeted AI language models that is quite similar to Meta’s recently developed LLaMA family of models as well as the already existing and powerful GPT AI language model developed by OpenAI for their ChatGPT application.

PaLM was first introduced by Google in April 2022, and like other AI language models, it came with all the necessary features that will be used going forward to produce accurate text generation results while also giving users the option to edit tasks.

Even the PaLM AI model was developed to learn from the results of the given queries, and it was implemented in a similar way to ChatGPT so that users could access a Chatbot to ask questions and receive responses to those questions.

MakerSuite – Google’s next step toward implementing AI 

Google is taking the development of the PaLM AI model to the very next step by making the API of this AI model available to MakerSuite too. What is MakerSuite? Makersuite is again a newly developed platform by Google where the user will be able to get access to iterate on prompts, augment your dataset with synthetic data, and easily tune custom models.”

Google claims that with the implementation of the PaLM system to MakerSuite it will be providing way more efficient as well as tuned responses to all the queries of the users and also will be able to provide a way more user-friendly interface to use its latest AI capabilities.

 Vertext AI platform – PaLM implementation for business use

In order to help businesses to deploy as well as train machine learning models, Google will be bringing the support for PaLM API To the Vertex AI platform too. Here the users will be getting access to more models which will be only built by Google Research and its AI subsidiary DeepMind.