Technology and India

We have seen the days when everything was invented out of utility. Earlier, everything that was discovered was seen as a long-term commodity. But nowadays, we live in a world which is evolving at a fast pace. What’s new today, eventually gets outdated tomorrow. Big tech-giants are innovating and updating existing technologies rapidly. To explore the technology more, we have to understand every smallest of the unit it is comprised of.

In the Indian context, we know that there is a lot of scope for advancements and further development in the technological sector. We also know that the there is a need for creating awareness regarding technology and its uses among the people of India. To do this, the Indian Government has brought out a lot of reforms and particularly in the field of Academics.

Technology and India

We all come across technology very early in our lives. But we got to learn and understand it in our education. The recent advancements have triggered a demand for overhauling of the Academic Curriculum. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has done a lot of amendments in the education system and due to this, we are improving on this front.

We have a lot of institutions that are pioneers of technology. Over the last decade, Indian education has seen a lot of positive changes and the results have been very promising. There is a significant rise in the number of technological inputs from India. In some of the cities, there has been a lot of improvement in terms of education. In some states like Jharkhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh the educational framework has been revamped. The B.Tech colleges in Patna have been progressing at a steady rate since then. There have been many companies and business houses which have lured away Indian talent to work for them. This is the evidence which tells the world about the extent of the improvement India has done.

There is a lot of work which has been done by the Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) in the past decade. It has launched numerous native satellites and satellites of other countries as well. There has been work in progress on smart cities, virtual reality and cryptocurrency in India as well. The course material for various streams of B.Tech has been updated to inculcate the above mentioned popular researches. B. Tech course details have been changed over the course of time which now has encompassed the knowledge from the diverse fields.

The recent boom in the technological market shows that India has been treading in the right direction. There need for good colleges /universities is being fulfilled. The different sectors of technology like Automobile, Computer Science & IT, Medical Sciences, Aeronautical, and Mechanical have been using the latest technologies to aid them. Still, there is a lot of scope of improvement in these sectors. This can only be done by the talented Indian youth which is indigenously produced.

The Medical Science has been using much of the new advancements like dental/ jaw implants, stents, voice synthesizer etc. The automobile sector has been using driverless navigation, fuel injection system instead of carburetors and many more. ISRO recently had launched Kalamsat which is the World’s smallest satellite. IT sector has come up with Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Gesture Analysis etc. All these areas are being worked upon now.

The advent of technology has been ever-present since and now our nation has the required tools which can be used to forge many kinds of new technologies and discover new horizons. At last, now we can say that with the reinforced system of education, Indian youth can surely channelize their concentrated effort in a positive direction and cultivate their hidden potential along with helping in the progress of the country.