The Technology Behind Toy Story That Revolutionized Animation Industry !

It’s been two full decades since Pixar released its first ever fully 3D animated movie “Toy Story“, and 90’s kids will surely remember the first time they had the privilege to check out their toy set coming to life on screen.

It’s basic knowledge for every person to know Steve Jobs as a technopreneur legend, but that’s not the only legacy he had left behind. Back in 1986, he had approached George Lucas as an entrepreneur looking for ideas, exactly when George was about to sell his computer animators team. Steve Jobs then chaired Pixar (the team), which was initially a high end computer hardware company selling Pixar Image Computers and somehow ended up as a successful animated movie studio (that story is for another time).

The movie studio that created a name for itself with its very first release “Toy Story” in 1995, which was the first ever fully 3D animated movie. Before Toy Story’s  release Pixar had too had seen its lows, there were times when Jobs had to bank roll the entire venture from his personal account too, but all he had was his love for technology and the belief that it would never let him down. Now we all know, where Pixar stands in the animated movie industry.

Animated movies might look like a child’s watch, but the amount of technology involved requires more number of Ph.Ds than any computer software company requires. Steve Jobs like a true a visionary, had predicted even back then that animated movie is going to be a genre of it’s own, and guess what! Here we have separate Academy Award category, which Pixar makes sure to grab it’s award with its every release. In this video at SIGGRAPH’95 (Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques), Steve Jobs talks about how computer graphics has evolved and contributed its part in the centenary year of motion picture (1995). We also get to know about the huge amount of technology behind Toy Story which was definitely a massive break-through for computer technology and animation in 1995 (we’ll see about 2015 on some other post).


Date: August 6, 1995
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles
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