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Technology We Love In 2018

technology we love

How we love our technology and the devices that go with it.  For instance, we have come to rely on the smartphone for so much more than making calls or texting that to lose one is a minor disaster.  In fact, recent studies tell us that sales of the desktop, and laptop have suffered due to people preferring to use their smartphones.

This really shouldn’t be so surprising as many of us lead busy lives and having the convenience of a smartphone right there whenever and wherever we choose (as long as there is a internet connection) appeals to many of us.

Where else can you browse, shop and pay for goods and services, try online bingo or other games whilst chatting with family and friends or even enjoy a film or a favourite album.

In fact, the numbers of people who now have a bet or wager using their mobile phones has increased which makes sense as the advancement of technology now provided developers to make games that transferred over seamlessly to the smaller screen.

This love we have for technology and how it can enhance our lives also transfers over to wearable tech and at CES 2018 in Vegas we were treated to the latest in fitness trackers, VR headsets, smartwatches and all types of clever wearable tech launched.

One of the biggest surprises was when HTC launched its brand-new headset, in direct competition with the Oculus Rift. The Vive Pro has a new 3k resolution display which is an increase on the current Vive headset. The new headset has a blue shell, with dual mics and headphones plus and amplifier to add 3D spatial audio to the mix.

HTC also announced its Vive Wireless Adapter in order to cut the cables making an untethered experience possible.

Another interesting unveiling came from the beauty giant L’Oreal in the form of its next generation wearable UV sensor which is geared towards keeping you safe in the sun.

The beauty about this tech is that the patch is small enough to fit on your thumbnail, but of course, it could put it on the top of your watch or even on your sunglasses. The patch will measure your individual UV data and then store it all on a smartphone app.

Possibly one of the most anticipated pieces of tech is a Garmin watch which has music support, and it is expected that the Forerunner 645 Music will be the first of many to feature it. The 645 Music is able to house 500 songs and also has the ability to download playlists from select music streaming services. All of these extra features run alongside the same sports tracking and smartwatch features as the Vivoactive 3.

So, there it is! We definitely see technology becoming an integral part of our everyday lives, while some we hate, we definitely love them when things are much simpler than before.

Is there any particular technology that you love? Share in the comments below.

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