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Techstory in conversation with Mr. Divyateja Kondeti, Co-founder and CEO, SmartDEN , a home automation startup

Mr. Divyateja Kondeti, Co-founder and CEO, SmartDEN

Mr. Divyateja Kondeti, Co-founder and CEO, SmartDEN

SmartDEN seeks to revolutionise Indian homes with their innovative ideas and excellent products and partnership. They are a fast paced home technology company based out of Bengaluru. We sat down with Mr. Divyateja Kondeti, the co-founder and CEO of SmartDEN to discuss the market and vision of SmartDEN.

1. What is the vision behind founding SmartDEN?

Our vision is to inculcate the concept of Smart Home Technology and make it accessible to every Indian Household.

2. What do you believe is the biggest challenge in digitizing Indian homes?

A common perception about Smart Home Technology is one of the biggest challenges that need to be addressed and corrected immediately. We focus on debunking myths such as Smart Home Technology is very expensive, hard to use, can be easily hacked and consumes a lot of energy. We educate our customers with facts that prove Smart Home Technology has been created for the benefit of homeowners and is the future of home lifestyle.

3. What services does SmartDEN offer?

  • Customizable Plans according to the customer’s requirements of their apartments.
  • We provide an integrated smart home experience throughout the home. We cover all the essential devices like Door Lock, Camera, Lights, Switches and Thermostat.
  • Lifetime Support for our Customers.
  • We follow a vendor-agnostic model.

4. How has the reception of the Indian market been to the idea?

Smart living has always been about reimagining and optimizing physical space to solve problems and adapt to new realities using technology, and we’ve seen this adoption accelerate during this pandemic. It is helping in streamlining space within homes and provides solutions for problems generated by more time spent at home, such as the need to distinguish between work timings and time spent with family.

5. Who are your partners?

We have partnered with world-renowned smart home technology manufacturers that provide us with the best quality smart home devices.

We also partner with top builders in India to provide them with our devices and services for their upcoming projects.

6. How do you strategize and create products and services especially curated for an Indian household?

It is the services provided by our smart home experts that set us apart. They not only curate plans that are customized for Indian homes but are also a part of our clients’ smart home journey throughout – from educating our clients about Smart Home Technology, scheduling, and monitoring installation to 24/7 on-call customer service.

7. How do you manage to offer affordable services in a sector which is perceived as expensive?

With the escalated growth of Smart Technology, we are starting to see Smart Devices in the market that are affordable. Smart Lights is a perfect example of this, as there is a growing demand for cost-friendly Smart Lights, as they are easy to install and fun to use. Similarly, we have curated a selection of Smart devices from locks, doorbells, cameras to switches, lights, plugs and many more that are not as expensive as they are perceived. Smart Home Technology is still an affordable luxury, which requires an initial investment. However, having a living space that can anticipate and learn from our needs can lead to considerable savings.

8. What is your vision for SmartDEN? How would you like to expand?

With our three-year plan chalked out, we aim to expand our horizons in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad in three years with Bangalore as our base.

We are focused on changing the perception of smart homes as an “Affordable Luxury” in the next five years.



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