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Special Note From Editor As Techstory Turns One !

Techstory -1

Dear Reader,

Firstly, wish you a very very Happy Independence Day !

It gives me immense pride and joy to tell you that we are turning one today ! It is Techstory’s first birthday today and we could not be more happy about the past one year and more excited about the future.

I would like to thank you for associating with Techstory in the past one year. Your support is what keeps us wanting to do more and better each and every day and we promise to bring you a lot of new and exciting insights through Techstory in the times to come.

A year ago we started Techstory with an aim to help young companies by taking their work to a larger audience. During our journey of 1 year, we covered some very interesting stories and ongoing trends and put forward our perspectives, asked questions through our articles and contributed to generating popular opinion. And while we interacted with the community to create our stories, one thing clearly stood out !

That India sure is turning into a land of ChangeMakers !

Every single day we meet so many inspiring  and talented individuals who are working relentlessly towards creating something never seen before, something that will break the barriers put forward by our own imaginations, something that will make life so much easier for all of us. The best part of our journey at Techstory has been to live every day feeling amazed and inspired by the energy, the resolve, the grit, the talent and the dreams of India !

And this is what gets up super excited about the year to come. In the next year, we promise to bring you a lot more ! A wide range of stories , a lot more trends,insights and perspectives, products that will help you take your company to the next level and yes never before seen events that will create true value for you ChangeMakers !

Again, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for associating with Techstory. This Independence day we at Techstory promise you that we will keep writing stories that will inspire us to break all boundaries – boundaries of our own imaginations, mental barriers, and created by the word impossible . Happy Reading and wish you a very very Happy Independence Day !


Dipti Gore

Editor -Techstory.in



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