What Does The Entrepreneurial Mind Need Freedom From ?

(Image Credits : Linkedin.com)

Independence Day ! The day India got freedom from the British Rule. The day we honor our freedom fighters every year. The day has a very special place carved out in the heart of every Indian ! Every society is always evolving with an aim to create a better future for our next generations and as the society evolves definitions of words such as freedom change with every generation.In times of today, there are a number of things that we as a society are still working to get freedom from.

At Techstory, we look at a few freedoms that every entrepreneurial soul is entitled to in an independent country !

  1. Freedom to think differently than following the same path as everybody else ! To really do what works best for you than following something just because it is proven right time and again !
  2. Freedom to dream and to follow your dreams ! Freedom to think about achieving the impossible and to build newer ways to get to where you want to be !
  3. Freedom from your own mental barriers of what you can and can’t do !
  4. Freedom to quit that job that you know is not meant for you !
  5. Freedom from questions like “Are you doing this because you could not get a job !”
  6. Freedom to fail and yet to try again !
  7. Freedom from being told that you are too young or too old to start !
  8. Freedom to start your own company inspite of being a woman !
  9. Freedom from being judged as successful or unsuccessful based on how much money you have made !
  10. Freedom from questions like “If you start your company and don’t have a steady income who will marry you ?”

There is a famous quote saying – “Log kya kahenge” has killed more dreams than anything else in the world ! This independence day lets break all shackles and follow our hearts ! Lets take that leap of faith ! Lets give entrepreneurship a try !