Tesla Autopilot speed increased to 80mph after removing radar sensors

As Tesla announced their shift to the pure vision from radar sensors, it was considered a back step. But Tesla seems to be going more advanced by stepping back. Elon Musk replies under a tweet that the max speed is increased to 80mph in the upcoming update.

Tesla FSD Beta V9.0 with Pure Vision Without Radar Is Almost Ready
Image credits- Tesmanian

The reply was answered when an account pointed out that the 500 miles pure vision drive was impressive. Said that the update is better than before. To Which Elon Musk replied, stating that the upcoming update next week will have improved speed.

The recent update of Version 9 from radars sensors to pure vision cameras is known to own as a back step. It is said that Tesla’s pure vision will be a better option as they use the technology with neural networks. Besides making electric vehicles, the company has been working on AI technology.

In the post, the user mentioned 500-miles of FSD. And further adds that the speed could be improved. Elon Musk mentions that the update will not have a speed limit of 75mph. Though he mentioned only a 5 mph increase, we know that they are working on improving the speed. Often after the product is released, we see that it is better than expected (In the case of Tesla products). Interestingly Elon Musk said that te 75mph is a precautionary measure.

Tesla pure vision

For every upcoming change, the Pure Vision is known to be beneficial. Most companies working on self-driving technology use costlier options like lasers; Tesla was using a radar system. Once they shifted to Pure Vision with cameras. Leaving behind the radar sensors is considered a far better option by Tesla. Safety was a concern for many, as FSD would rely on regular cameras.

The FSD Version 9 is currently being delayed to fix some problems, as mentioned by Elon Musk. More information on the “obvious problems” is not specified. However, they are planing for some gigantic changes, the delay was evident.

Additionally, the Version 9 update will have solutions for phantom breaking. So far, it looks like the team is working on every aspect as they planned. Recently the Tesla cars in China announced that Tesla cars all over the country would be updated through the air. Meaning, customers don’t need to bring the car to the Tesla service center for an update.

As more Tesla vehicles are getting on the road every day, they boost their progress in every aspect.