Electric pickup Rivian R1T’s modular kitchen first look

For months the pre-ordered customers have been looking out for the specifications of addons. Let’s look at some of the pictures that were released. It looks small and convenient with various options within the modular kitchen.

Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Camp Kitchen
Image credits- Techeblog.com

The modular kitchen costs $5,000. It can be stored inside the gear tunnel of the truck. As shown in the picture, it looks like a foldable table inside the truck. The length and strength of the kitchen seem to be perfect for a person of average height. There are many adjustable drawers for the table, adding more features to the tiny kitchen.

The kitchen has basically three modules, a sink, a cooktop, and a water reservoir. Once you pull the kitchen out, it looks like a high-tech dashboard, with the glassy cooktop at the edge of the modular kitchen. Below is the video; check it out to know how cool the kitchen looks.

Furthermore, the sink is interesting. It is a foldable sink that needs to be pushed downward before use. The sink is removable and convenient to use. For cleaning the sink, one needs to lift the sink and throw the water elsewhere. It has an attached movable water pipe. The design is all black and of high quality; even using the simple faucet feels premium. Just beside the stovetop, you can see the cabinet full of plates and other utensils. It is a 30-piece kitchen kit with titanium plates. The kit also has a coffee grinder and a pitcher jar.

Easy to use

Below the sink and stovetop, they have arranged a shelf kind of facility. Thus making a fancy kitchen. At the end of the video, the woman presenting removes the kitchen in two parts separately. The ease of use is surprisingly convenient.

The table on which the kitchen is placed is known as the Tunnel shuttle. It measures 65” long, 18.1” wide, and 20.3” in height. The tunnel shuttle has a 12v outlet and a 110V outlet. Furthermore has a safety release and LED outlet.

Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Camp Kitchen
Image credits- Techeblog.com

The details of the modular kitchen are impressive. Everything from the 30-piece kitchen set to the 12V outlet was detailed and designed for real cooking. Perfect for camping and long-distance traveling.

Electric pickups are purchased in bulk by companies. Unless the pickup truck needs to travel outside of the city zone, having a modular kitchen helps. However, bulk purchases with such a kitchen are most unlikely. Others who weren’t interesting in Rivian R1T might be interested in the modular kitchen.