Tesla is considering adopting Apple's AirPlay to improve audio quality

Tesla cars could get Apple’s AirPlay to improve audio quality

Elon Musk is considering that Tesla could have better audio quality with Apple’s AirPlay. Over the current Bluetooth, the quality may not be up-to-the-mark. Over years Tesla has been working on improving the quality in the best possible ways.

Tesla is considering adopting Apple's AirPlay to improve audio quality
Image credits- Electrek

The Model 3 sound system is said to be well received by audiophiles. Also, the new sound system version in Model S has some positive reviews. It was compared to Bang & Olufsen system, which is used in premium vehicles at an additional price. When a reviewer compared both the systems, Musk replied, “Tesla audio engineers come from B&O & many other companies. They literally rock. Our system is highly programmable, so we keep improving it via OTA codec updates.”

However, there is space for more improvements and the limitation of the quality of audio through Bluetooth was pointed out by another user. It is agreeable that the quality of audio that can be transmitted through Bluetooth is already high. Improving would mean the mode would need to change.

When a user suggested about Tesla have AirPlay added, which would have more ability for streaming. Musk stated, “will discuss this and other improvements with Tesla audio engineering.”


AirPlay is a proprietary wireless communication protocol stack developed by Apple that allows streaming between devices. The protocol uses Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth, and since Tesla vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi capability, everything is there to implement the solution.

However, Tesla has been reticent in adopting Apple software in the past – most famously over enabling the use of Apple CarPlay. Tesla owners have been asking for it for years, and the possibility of adopting Apple CarPlay was discussed by the company at some point, but the automaker has since decided to keep its customers in its own software ecosystem.

As posted on YouTube, the in-car browser connects to the Raspberry Pi and displays the Apple CarPlay interface on the car’s screen. Where Apple Maps and Apple Music functions can be seen. Tesla owners can confidently use the system while driving, and they can also be controlled with media buttons on the car’s steering wheel. Gapiński says the main objective of his project’s release is usability. He wants the project to become popular in the Tesla community so that everyone can use it. Gapinski’s workaround involves using a Raspberry Pi with an LTE modem and a Wi-Fi access point. It should run an Android-based firmware and a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable and Ethernet cable.