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Tesla China customer base contributing towards reduced carbon emissions

Tesla’s customer base in China continues to increase along with its contribution towards lesser carbon emissions. On December 24th, Tesla released a year-to-date new energy contribution report. It showed, “over 500,000 domestic Tesla owners helped accumulate 3.72 billion km (2.3 billion miles) of mileage over the first 11 months of 2021.”

Tesla vehicles in China contributing towards reduced carbon emissions in the Country

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By traveling this accumulated distance, Tesla owners in China were able to help reduce carbon emissions by 855,878 tons from January to November 2021. That’s an impressive number as well. For context, a full-fledged Gerald R Ford Class aircraft carrier from the United States military features a full load displacement of 100,000 tons. With this in mind, Tesla China’s drivers were able to reduce carbon emissions equivalent to the weight of more than eight Gerald R Ford Class aircraft carriers in the first 11 months of 2021.

Tesla drivers in China did not only help reduce the carbon emissions of the country. They were also able to enjoy significant savings when it came to operating their vehicle. As per a Gasgoo report, using Tesla’s home charging solutions helped owners reduce the cost of recharging their car to only RMB5-7 ($0.78 to $1.10) per 100 km (62 miles). That’s about 10% of the refueling cost of a comparable fossil fuel-powered vehicle. It was then unsurprising that Tesla saw a 40% rise among electric car owners who opted to have a home charging system installed in 2021.

Tesla China has been busy expanding its Supercharger Network across the country in 2021 as well. The company built more than 1,000 Supercharging stations with over 8,000 stalls in mainland China, covering a good number of capital cities and municipalities. Tesla’s Destination Chargers also increased with over 100 new sites. This brought the number of Tesla Destination Chargers in China to more than 700 locations, with over 1,800 charging piles available for consumers.

Home charging via Tesla’s Wall Connector is able to reduce the cost of recharging to only RMB5- 7 per hundred kilometers, which equals roughly one-tenth of the refueling cost of a fossil-fueled vehicle. Therefore, the number of Tesla owners that chose to install home chargers surged 40% from a year ago within mainland China.

The carmaker’s statistics showed that, in 2021, it has built over 1,000 supercharging stations with over 8,000 supercharging piles in mainland China, covering all capital cities and municipalities across the country. In 2021, Tesla’s destination charging stations network welcomed over 100 new additions, making the total station count over 700, with more than 1,800 destination charging piles. Notably, Tesla’s Shanghai Supercharger production plant has completed construction in September 2021. With a designed production capacity of 10,000 V3 superchargers, Tesla will continue expanding its charging network with China-made chargers.

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