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Tesla files a new trademark- Cybersquad games, toys, good and clothing

Tesla files a new trademark application in the US patent and trademark office. This time it isn’t about cars or vehicle design but is about Cyberquad goods. The trademarks cover games, toys, clothing, and sporting goods.

Tesla to launch Cyberquad electric ATV in late 2021, hints at possible dirt  bike - Electrek

Image credits- Electrek

The electric pickup, Cybertruck was unveiled by Tesla in 2019. With insane performance specifications, the Cybertruck manufacturing process is yet to start by next year. In the presentation when Tesla first unveiled the truck, he added that Tesla will also be launching ATV, which is similar to Cybertruck. Stated that the company plans to launch ATV in the coming years after Cybertruck.

But only in that year, people heard of ATV and later it didn’t catch much attention. On September 23, Tesla applied for the Cybersquad trademark under various categories. It included, “Vehicles,” “Electrical Apparatus, Machines and Supplies,” “Cutlery, Machinery, Tools, and Parts Thereof,” “Filters and Refrigerators,” “Belting, Hose, Machinery Packing and Non-Metallic Tires,” and finally “Dental, Medical, and Surgical Appliances.”

All these classifications are in the US. For international trademark, they classified it as “Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air, or water.” It is expected that this Cybersquad apparel will be used in the Tesla shop. After 6 months of filing the trademark, Tesla will be able to use the items.

 Tesla restaurant

The restaurant trademark was also applied by Tesla this year. Details about the trademarks being implemented are unclear, however, both might be live at once. It is already known that Cybertruck’s miniature versions are made, which were also showcased when the vehicle was in New York.

Tesla Cybertruck is not just an electric pickup but has futuristic looks and features which is much awaited for. The idea of having a restaurant came about, as Elon Musk mentioned that having restaurants at the charging stations would be a good idea. Not long ago, a Mcdonald’s located nearby a Tesla charging station was benefitted from Tesla customers coming by. It is highly likely that if Tesla restaurant were to be live, the restaurant will definitely add to the company’s income.

As for the props for Cybersquad, the Tesla community already has been curious about the extra details. As most of them are supporters of sustainable products, the Cybersquad items are expected to be in high demand. Interestingly the trademark also has dental and medical appliances. By now, especially after the Tesla AI Bot announcement, it is known that Tesla could be up to anything.



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