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Tesla FSD Beta 10.2 rollout to 1000 users with 100/100 safety scores

Elon Musk confirms that FSD Beta 10.2 is set to roll out this Friday. It will be available to 1000 users who have 100/100 safety scores. These safety scores are the new iteration of the company which is used to evaluate the driving pattern of the Tesla car. This is implemented so as to avoid misusage of the autonomous features.

Tesla FSD Beta 10.2 rolls out Friday midnight to ~1000 owners with per

Image credits- Tesmanian

Musk added that the rollout for further users will be put on hold for some days. After evaluation of the expansion of their program, the rollout will gradually proceed to owners who have 99/100 scores. Then, follows the same pattern for further rollout. It all depends on the success rate of the current rollout batch.

The Tesla FSD Beta is considered a successful program so far. Despite certain careless driving of some users, it is reported that there is no single accident to date. That is, considering that the NHTSA cases are currently under investigation as vehicles not equipped with FSD. It is most likely that the statistics will continue to do so with Tesla’s current evaluation method to increase safety. Also, as Tesla is also pushing for expansion into other countries, having a standard system like safety scores is necessary.

Other details

Meanwhile, Tesla owners are pointing out the insurance benefits. Youtube channel host, Dave Lee points out that the safety scores would be beneficial for insurance claims. Many times when it comes to accidents with Tesla, there is confusion about the insurance. Especially considering that NHTSA is still figuring out the accidents caused a few years back till date.

Furthermore, Elon Musk replies to Lex Fridman, a computer scientist who works on autonomous vehicles. Saying that Musk would talk about autopilot and FSD on a podcast.

Though initially, Elon Musk stated that the rollout will be for 1000 users. He later adds that by Friday night if the perfect scores are scored by more people then, more users will get the feature. It is predicted that around 1100-1200 users could possibly get the roll-out.

Finally, Musk says that there are no specific release notes this time. However, the driving experience is expected to be much better. He added that they will put notable changes during the release notes. Here the focus seems major about working on the safety points feature. Many times in the past, Tesla has indicated that the driver must pay attention always during driving. Recently Elon Musk also stated that drivers don’t listen to him. Which is rather natural when people get hold of an autonomous feature.



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