Tesla FSD Beta formally released in the US with a request button

The wait for FSD Beta for Tesla owners is finally over, as the “Request FSD Beta” option is now available. The program is an advanced driver-assist system, which will be loaded to the vehicles once permitted. The release comes before FSD Beta 10.1. Once the user clicks the request button, the team will analyze vehicle driving data and calculate safety scores to determine eligibility.

Tesla is launching 'The Button' to request FSD Beta tonight, read this  first [Update: the Button is finally here] - techAU
Image credits- TechAU
The release comes after many delays and as Tesla users wait for the release. Many times Elon Musk’s statements on Tesla’s updates have been delayed. But many consider it still worth it because of the progress made by Tesla over years, over months on their vehicles and technology. The request button comes with releasing the function through software update 2021.32.22. It is shared by some Tesa owners as below,

As shown, Tesla states, once the request button is clicked then, “Thank you for your interest in limited early access Full Self-Driving Beta! The Tesla team is analyzing your vehicle driving data and Safety Score to determine eligibility. You can view your Safety Score from the Tesla app at any time (version 4.1.0 or newer). If eligible, you will receive a software update as part of the limited early access,”

Priority to safety

In October the company first released its FSD Beta program to the first batch of testers. Similar to that, this time too Tesla highlights the importance of how to use the autopilot option. Emphasizing cautious driving, the company now uses a safety score evaluation to determine the eligibility of the user. Elon Musk answered multiple questions last week on the very same. A user shouldn’t violate the rules like not paying attention to driving while using the autopilot. To get a good score the driver must utilize the driver-assist feature effectively.

To opt for the option, the user must follow the following instruction stated by Tesla. “You can now request early access to Full Self-Driving Beta pending eligibility. To get started, tap ‘Controls’>’ Autopilot’>Request Full Self-Driving Beta’ and follow the instructions.”

Furthemore the terms and conditions strictly state that the company will collect driving data of the vehicle in reference to VIN. Interestingly, Tesla also stated, “FSD Beta does not make (vehicles) autonomous.” The driver must be ready to take over in came the situation demands. In the recent advancements of technology, tricking the system is not possible with simple loopholes. All the years when Tesla car crashes due to some reason, the first question to come was whether the vehicle had an FSD program installed or not. Now things could change for Tesla as they have taken all the situations in the past into consideration.