Tesla Takes EV Sales Crown From VW In Germany

Tesla Germany sold most EVs in 2022 for the first time

Tesla sold most EVs in Germany for the first time. In the year 2022, most sales in Germany were by Tesla Model 3. Also in Europe, the Model 3 is known as the most sold vehicle. Beating Volkswagen in its home country is a big positive start for the American automaker.

Tesla Takes EV Sales Crown From VW In Germany
Image credits- Car Scoops

According to the KBA (the German vehicle registration agency), Tesla sold 69,962 full electric vehicles in the country in 2022, while their nearest rival, Volkswagen, sold 63,206 EVs. Tesla’s sales helped push German EV sales to new highs, up 30.1% compared to 2021, now representing 17.7% of the new car market. Volkswagen, in turn, led in the sale of “electrified vehicles,” which includes hybridized vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.

Tesla’s toppling of the market leader in Germany certainly doesn’t come as a massive surprise considering the success of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in the final months of 2022. Tesla’s most popular models were consistently within the most popular vehicles being sold in Germany in 2022, with each of the models becoming the most popular vehicle in the country at one point or another. Looking back, Tesla’s sales success in Germany is attributable to a couple of factors that also happen to indicate significant potential for future growth. Foremost, Tesla Giga Shanghai hit ever higher production numbers, producing roughly half of all the Tesla vehicles made during the year.


While this production expansion in China was beneficial for European markets, which received most of their vehicles from there, this was matched by a continued expansion of production at Giga Berlin. Finally, while their impact is debated, there is no doubt that the discounted prices in the year’s final months helped Tesla reach new sales highs in Europe.

And this brings us to the new year, where the same factors point to a continued aggressive production ramp. Tesla Giga Texas is vastly expanding with new production equipment and new facilities, Giga Berlin is continuing to grow in staffing and its physical footprint, and all the while, prices on Tesla vehicles have been cut to new all-time lows. Tesla is poised for an amazing year of production growth once again. While some remain pessimistic or disgruntled regarding the company’s stock price, its fundamental mission of expanding EV adoption is advancing rapidly, an achievement that everyone can be excited about. Also, the EV demand is increasing with countries opting to shift to electric vehicles. Both the demand and requirements are increasing. In recent times Tesla also focusing on cutting the prices of its products, and the sales are expected to grow.