Tesla Giga Berlin Gets Permission to Build 2,000 More Bodies for Test

Tesla Giga Berlin gets approval to produce 2k Model Ys

Tesla Giga Berlin plant construction finished in 2021 and they are waiting for certain final approvals to start the production. Meanwhile, the factory receives permits to produce 2,000 Model Y vehicles. Tesla requested to manufacture Model Ys in the plant, according to Frauke Zelt, the spokesperson for the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment. Prior to this, the state government allowed for the production of 250 Model Y vehicles.

Tesla Giga Berlin Gets Permission to Build 2,000 More Bodies for Test
Image credits- Tesmanian

The EV maker requested advanced approval because “the quality and manufacturing efficiencies required for system and unit acceptance in relation to the operating units mentioned have not been achieved.”

The Agency’s 12-page approval, allowing Tesla Giga Berlin to manufacture 250 Model Y bodies, included an addendum. The addendum states Tesla “is now de facto able to produce pre-series.” Tesla is permitted to manufacture 500 bodies per week with “a maximum of 2,000 bodies in total.”

The State Environment Agency also allowed Tesla to process 6,000 parts per week in Giga Berlin’s press shop, calculating “a maximum of 26,000 parts in total is permitted.” Tesla is permitted to assemble and paint the parts. The Agency set firm stipulations to Tesla’s latest early permit. Tesla cannot sell any of the parts and bodies produced under the pre-approval. “The use of the parts and bodies produced during the system tests for the production of salable vehicles is not permitted,” the Agency noted.

Model Y’s spotted in Giga Berlin

Last week, 33 Model Y vehicles were spotted at Giga Berlin. The Model Ys were parked at the facility and seemed to be painted in Giga Berlin’s unique paint options, including Deep Crimson Multicoat and Abyss Blue Multicoat. Tesla has not received full approval for Giga Berlin from the State Environment Agency yet.

Tesla must also inform the authorities of the parts and bodies’ whereabouts and provide evidence of disposal if they are disposed. However, Tagesspiegel noted that Giga Berlin test vehicles are unlikely to be scrapped because one Model Y costs €60,000 ($68,043.00). So the sales value of 2,000 Model Y vehicles is around €120 million ($136 million).

Either way, it seems like the manufacturing process in Giga Berlin will start this year. Thus reducing the export numbers of Giga Shanghai. So far Tesla China was having a large number of export numbers adding to Tesla’s overall sales worldwide. With Giga Berlin, the units sold are expected to grow at a much faster rate. In addition to this, the battery manufacturing plant in Giga Berlin is yet to be constructed. Once that is finished, 4680 battery can also be expected as the company is close to finishing a production model.

Credits- Teslarati