Tesla Electric — New Electricity Plan From Tesla

Tesla introduces low cost clean energy plan for homes with Powerwall

Tesla introduces Tesla Electric for homes with Powerwall. Customers can avail of the electricity plan offering low-cost clean energy for their homes. The company was working in the last few months to launch the plan in Texas. It is now starting in Texas, with plans to expand to other locations in the US soon.

Tesla Electric — New Electricity Plan From Tesla
Image credits- Clean Technica

As the company chose Texas as its home, the manufacturer decided to positively impact the development of the entire region. The winter storm that raged in February 2021, in which several hundred Texans lost their lives, once again showed the instability and unreliability of the Texas energy grid, this time at a very high price. Tesla has lobbied to change several energy market rules to make more efficient use of its energy products on the state’s electrical grid. The manufacturer mainly focused on deploying its utility power solution, Megapack, but later wanted to help Texans work together to solve the problem.

Led by Arushi Sharma Frank, US Energy Markets Policy Lead at Tesla, the Tesla team has done a lot of work in Texas in recent months. They have been striving for solar and Powerwall residential customers to participate more effectively in the Texas energy market and have been extremely successful.

Clean energy

The efforts have paved the way for enabling a cleaner and more reliable network. Tesla announced Thursday that it is introducing Tesla Electric, the electricity plan that offers low-cost clean energy for homes with Powerwall. Solar and Powerwall can help the company’s customers and their communities accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. With Tesla Electric, Powerwall automatically decides when to charge and when to sell electricity to the grid. Together with other Tesla Electric members, users can maximize the value of their solar power by using Powerwall storage to add more renewable electricity to the grid. Tesla Electric offsets its energy consumption from 100% renewable sources.

First Tesla Electric launches in Texas. The company invites Powerwall owners with retail choice in Texas, offering them savings on energy bills. Customers earn credits into their account when they contribute the energy stored in their Powerwall to buffer the grid. As members, customers can also monitor the sources of their electricity supply 24/7 in the Tesla app and ensure that any electricity they use from the grid is offset with 100 percent Texas-generated renewable energy. On average, Tesla Electric members can earn more than 50 percent more credits on their electricity bills compared to similar plans, the company says.