Tesla Launches Supercharger Membership for Non-Tesla Vehicles at $0.99/month

Tesla launches Supercharger membership for non-Teslas in the US

Tesla to launch its Supercharger memberships for non-Tesla EVs in the US. It is priced at $0.99 per month. There are two plans available, one is “pay per use” and the other is Membership, where lower prices are provided. For any plan, a user needs a Tesla account and a limit of 5 Supercharger charging sessions per day for each account. Interestingly, the option disappeared in the Tesla Mobile app later on August 16. It could be possible that the feature was released accidentally. However, an overall view of how it works is known from those who saw it.

Tesla Launches Supercharger Membership for Non-Tesla Vehicles at $0.99/month
Image credits- Future Car

A user shared their experience. Merritt was able to sign up for the non-Tesla vehicle Supercharging membership, despite not owning a non-Tesla EV in his account–and it worked. It appears that the pricing at $0.99 USD per month seems low. That is when compared to other charging networks such as Electrify America at $4 USD per month, according to Merritt. A non-Tesla owner can access the Membership section in the Tesla app, by tapping the profile photo, then selecting ‘Account’ and then ‘Charging’. This screen is not showing in Canada. The non-Tesla Supercharger pilot launched back in November and currently is available in France, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. There is no mention of the United States yet on the FAQ website.

Back in July, the White House mentioned Tesla planned to open up its Supercharger network to non-Tesla vehicles in the U.S., beginning in 2022. Non-Tesla EVs will require an adapter to charge their vehicles and this will likely be included at Superchargers.

Feature removed

As mentioned above, the feature is no longer available. It was removed. However, it appears that some of them got access to it and were also able to register.

The membership plan seems similar to the one offered in Europe’s non-Tesla Supercharger pilot program, where members received a lower per kWh price. It seems Tesla plans to roll out the open Supercharger Network to limited stations across the United States first. Tesla may decide to open all of its Supercharger stations to non-Tesla EV owners later.

“Non-Tesla vehicles may access certain Wall Connectors and other Tesla charging stations on a pay-per-use basis. Charging stations that are available to non-Tesla vehicles are indicated in the Tesla app or may be identified by other means,” stated Tesla. Some Redditors in r/teslamotors think that the $0.99 per month charge is a placeholder since it is significantly cheaper than other charging station memberships. For instance, Electrify America’s membership costs $4 per month.