Tesla Seeks EU Public Policy & Business Development Employee to Deploy FSD in the EMEA Region

Tesla looking out for EU Public Policy employee to deploy FSD in Europe

Tesla seeking to employ an expert in EU Public Policy & Business Development to deploy FSD in Europe, the Middle East, and African regions. Recently Elon Musk announced that FSD Beta is ready to be launched in European regions. Said that they will be submitting the FSD to the regulators as early as this summer.

Tesla Seeks EU Public Policy & Business Development Employee to Deploy FSD in the EMEA Region
Image credits- Automotive News

Tesla has stepped up its efforts to promote Full Self-Driving (FSD) in Europe, as part of the phased rollout of FSD Beta worldwide. Tesla’s goal is a consistent and widespread deployment of these technologies across global markets, ensuring customers have access to the safest vehicles that will become safer as the vehicle becomes more autonomous. To this end, the EU team is adding the EU Public Policy & Business Development, Vehicle Automation role to support their activities related to vehicle safety and automation policies on the member state and European level.

The candidate for this position will focus on the rapidly evolving policy and regulatory framework for autonomous and connected vehicles in Europe, at the national level, the EU, and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). He/she will ensure that these frameworks continue to facilitate and support Tesla’s autonomous and connected vehicle solutions across Europe.

EU regulators

Given the complexity of the tasks, Tesla is looking for an experienced specialist with at least 5 years of experience in public policy. In addition, the candidate must have a solid technical understanding of vehicle automation basics, as well as a general understanding of European security, data, and AI developments. The search for a specialist for this position comes amid Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s statement that FSD Beta, which is currently being tested in the US and Canada, will soon be submitted to European Union regulators.

“I think we’ll be ready to show this to the regulators in the EU, I don’t know maybe within 2 or 3 months, but we have quite a lot of work to do for all the special cases in Europe,” Musk said during a speech at the grand opening of Giga Berlin in March 2022. Citing a theme that Canadians will recognize, Musk said part of the difficulty will be the differences in roads and languages between countries in Europe. “The roads, as you know if you’ve driven around Europe, the roads vary quite a lot by country. The road rules, the way the lines are painted, it’s different, then you’ve got to recognize all the different languages. it’s quite difficult to do FSD in Europe, it’s much more difficult than in the US or Canada.”

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