Tesla LR RWD Model Y deliveries to begin in a few weeks

Tesla Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive Model Y reservation holders get an update. Their account indicates that the car will start rolling out in 2-6 weeks. The model was first unveiled in 2019 but was pulled off from the studio design by 2020. Then earlier this year they started sending out deliveries, which was also halted only just over a month.

Model Y Design Studio RWD
Image credits- Driveteslacanada.ca

Those who had pre-reservations of the car can check it out. The website showed for a reservation holder that the car will start deliveries in 2-6 weeks. It seems like the model is being released with a caution, but will continue to be live. The update doesn’t have any VIN number for the user, and many other drivers told that they didn’t get any such updates. It is unclear whether Tesla will actually deliver the car or not.

Meanwhile, it is said that only those who ordered the car very early will be getting the LR RWD Model Y. Below are the specifications for various models. The reason for the limitation is not stating, but it is known how Tesla has halted Model S Plaid+ too. There have been various supply chain pressures.

Moreover, in February, Elon Musk pointed out that there have been many complexities. It was the time when the company halted production only after a month. It looks like the model will be sold in limited edition, making it a premium car.

Earlier deliveries halted in February

Many tried to find the reason behind why the deliveries were halted. Later in March, it was reported by The Driven that The California Air Resources Board published some orders. These orders indicated that Tesla would be selling the Long Range rear-wheel-drive version of the Model Y in six months’ time. Saying that once the company is on the timeline with other models, they can start delivering this model.

Also, the listing under a new order number (A-374-0033) showed that the LR RWD Model Y was not under a zero-emissions vehicle.

model Y long range rwd
Image credits- The Driven