Tesla Model 3 Hearse Revealed By Dutch Limo Maker

Tesla Model 3 Hearse built by Derks in Netherlands

Derks is a hearse and lime maker in the Netherlands. The company revealed its latest custom build, converting Model 3 Standard Range Plus. The vehicle is not a hearse with added weight and a longer wheelbase. According to the company, the vehicle will have over 200 miles of real-world range despite the added weight.

Tesla Model 3 Hearse Revealed By Dutch Limo Maker
Image credits- Electrek

The Model 3 hearse features plenty of neat touches, including LED lighting in the rear compartment and an optional starry headliner ceiling. Funeral directors will be glad to hear the hearse has a powered tailgate as standard, meanwhile electric curtains are also a no-cost option. Electric hearses make a lot of sense, given most funeral trips are short with plenty of time to charge in between. Although this may be the first Model 3 hearse, we have seen plenty of Model S conversions in the past. Furthermore, Brahms Electric Vehicles unveiled a Nissan Leaf hearse back in 2017.

Derks did not disclose how much its Model 3 hearse costs. However, for reference Norwegian builder Jan Erik Naley sold his Model S hearse for the equivalent of just over $200,000 back in 2019. The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most popular new cars in Europe, with its Model Y sibling also enjoying tremendous success. In fact, in September 2022 the Model Y was the best-selling vehicle in Europe beating out the substantially cheaper Peugeot 208 and Volkswagen Golf. However, it’s important to note in Europe Tesla only delivers its vehicles in batches once every three months or so.


The company said, “The basis of the Tesla Hearse 3 is the Model 3, equipped with a Standard plus range package and rear-wheel drive, which means that the range after conversion is between 350 and 375 km.” There is a massive tailgate and electric curtains all around the back. “As a hearse, the Tesla Hearse 3 is built as standard with a tailgate and a 100% composite, lightweight body. The vehicle is equipped with small side doors with storage spaces behind them and an extendable box floor. As standard, the vehicle is equipped with electric curtains and LED lighting in the box area. A starry sky, extendable flower racks, and a drawer under the floor are among the options.” Earlier there was also a Model S hearse for sale at $200,000. They mostly drive relatively small distances from funeral homes or churches to graveyards and they generally have plenty of time to charge between drives. Some funeral homes and hearse makers have seen the opportunity for a while now. It was posted as a listing on the Norwegian website Finn for SEK 1,999,000, which is the equivalent of $207,500 USD.