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Tesla Model 3 makes a 358-mile trip on autopilot taking zero human input

Tesla is well-known for its EVs and their self-driving features. Talking about the latter you will be thrilled to know that a recent Youtube video posted recently shows a Tesla Model 3 make a 358-mile trip on autopilot needing zero human input. Do note that charging the vehicle for a while doesn’t count. The video was posted by the Youtuber whole mars catalog and the trip was made across California from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley. The video is no less than a treat for the eye of enthusiasts. And it also shows a brief glimpse of the future. Take a look at the video that he posted:

Tesla Model 3’s 358-mile trip on autopilot

Tesla charges an additional $10,000 to get the entire auto-driving package. This package enables the car to recognize traffic lights, change lanes, and even park without needing any help. Though the user needs to touch the steering wheel from time to time that is only for safety purposes. The video portrays the sheer excellence of the autopilot of Model 3. Youtuber Whole Mars Catalog said that in the entire trip he didn’t use brakes, accelerator, and the wheel except for charging the vehicle.

Tesla Model 3 does a 358-mile trip on autopilot

The YouTuber commented that the software of the Tesla is getting better. And the fact that in a drive that lasted for more than 5 hours the human intervention was just for a minute and 15 seconds shows how polished the software has gotten. One more thing that he pointed out was the fact that this wasn’t sheer luck on Tesla’s part to complete the entire journey on auto-pilot smoothly.

This is a great achievement if we talk about Tesla’s software. There have also been other incidents like this one posted on Youtube. A while back a video surfaced of a woman sleeping in the front seat with hands on the wheel. The Tesla was on autopilot and was cruising at a high speed showing the actual capability of the software.

Youtuber Whole Mars Catalog also said that at one place there was some giant debris on the road where he had to take control of the car. But even adding these two instances more than 99% of the trip was on Autopilot. What are your thoughts on the 358-mile trip on autopilot and do you think is the future? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content interesting and useful do like and share it with your friends.



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