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Tesla Set Two Major Milestones To Expand In China
Superchargers and Services centers are the two milestones Tesla anounced in Weibo

China’s market is crucial for Tesla. As there is tough competition in China with local auto-makers, they are pushing for extra milestones. These two milestones are already in place because China has more than 800 superchargers already. And has been working on service centers.

Tesla's fifty-two new service centres in 2021

Image credits- Electrive.com

While Tesla China Sales in May fell drastically because of false rumors. The Special handling team handled the situation miraculously. And the sales are expected to increase gradually.

Supercharger installations

As Tesla announces one of the two milestones, they say there are 840 Tesla Charging stations in China. Which make up more than 6000 superchargers. Recently Tesla added 210 Superchargers including Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanwei.

Image credits- Weibo, Teslarati

Furthermore, it is known that the Giga Shanghai plant can produce up to 10,000 Superchargers per year. So more Supercharging stations are expected to be installed as part of their two milestones.

Tesla Giga Shanghai started manufacturing only in 2020, and they are growing at a faster pace than expected. In China, both Tesla Model 3 and Model Y sales topped the best-selling EV list in Q1. Despite having disruptions in Q2, they seem to be pushing for better services to have an upper hand in the market.

In 2020, Tesla successfully installed 7,173 Superchargers all around the world. This year as Giga Shanghai came into the production capacity, more are expected to come.

Service centers

Tesla announced on Weibo that there are 100 service centers in remote locations. And they claim to provide various services from consultation registration to 100% assured service.

Image credits- Weibo, Teslarati

Having service centers as part of their milestones is a major development. Because earlier there were issues when customers sent their car for repair in local shops. And it was found that the parts weren’t replaced properly. Eventually led to Tesla offering its own services, to ensure appropriate services are provided.

Tesla uses different brake systems, batteries, and other parts. It is only natural that they have more service centers.

Tesla’s presence in China is not only observed by Chinese market enthusiasts. But has worldwide attention. Especially since the protest by a customer due to misunderstanding. Which was resolved later on, but caught the attention worldwide. By year-end when Tesla managed to keep up with its Model 3 and Model Y sales. As the Tesla Giga Berlin is going to start production soon. Its limelight might subside.

Being a mid-size electric sedan, Tesla is highly preferred because of many factors like safety and simplicity.



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