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Tesla working on live-streaming Dashcam views with updated widget

Tesla hints that they are working on live streaming dashcam views where the videos can be viewed remotely as well. It was hinted through Tesla mobile app, revealing that the company is working behind the scenes on the new features. In Tesla’s recent new version rollout, V4.2.0 there are indications of improvements made to the widgets.

Tesla "Dashcam Viewer" opens doors to Mobile App integration for remote video viewing

Image credits- Teslarati

It is reported by users that the iOS Tesla widget now looks larger. Some of the updated features include locking and unlocking the vehicle, opening the frunk, and also access the charging point.

The hints were noted from the @Teslascope group which continuously tracks Tesla updates. It referred that the upcoming updates were related to the iOS app. Also, there are updates like the ability to watch videos from Tesla on a mobile device. The mobile apps show that the company is working on such a capability. Viewing the footage from other locations about the car’s view is an interesting concept which would be valuable in many ways.

The Tesla software update tracker group also noted that the Tesla app will have all these features. Additionally, the drivers will be able to voice through their apps to their vehicles Pedestrian Warning Systems(PWS). Features like Sentry Mode will be even more effective with such features. Adding an element of surprise would then be possible if a car were to suspiciously roam around the Tesla car.

Everything through Tesla app

While talking about giving access to Supercharger Network to non-Tesla cars, Musk talked about including everything in the Tesla app. Stated, “We’re currently thinking it’s a real simple thing where you just download the Tesla app, and you go to Supercharger. And you just indicate which stall you’re in. So you plug in your car, even if it’s not Tesla. And then you just access the app and say, turn on this stall that I’m in for how much electricity. And this should basically work with I think almost any manufacturer’s cars,”

For months Tesla has been working on a mobile app. In its recent updates, the company is focusing on the mobile app. Features like a revised summon page, direct access to Tesla Shop, etc have been added It would be handy for Tesla owners to have such easy access. Also as Superchargers will be open to other EV owners in the future, Tesla app users are expected to increase with time. However, it is too early to say whether non-Tesla users will be using the same app or a different one with only charging options available.



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