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Twitter brims with responses as Safemoon Wallet now has a BNB Buy button.


Twitter is swarming with responses from the Safemoon army as the Safemoon wallet now comes with an integrated BNB buy button which makes the exchange process a lot easier. Safe moon enthusiasts can now use this buy button for the purchase of BNB which can be later swapped for Safemoon cryptocurrency. Ever since this feature was integrated into the wallet, Twitter has been filled with responses. While some users are all set to use the buy button, others are finding it difficult to use the feature owing to technical difficulties and regional restrictions.

The What and How

The users are of the opinion that the buy button is a great step forward for Safemoon as it enhances the scope and potential of the cryptocurrency. Safemoon which was launched in the month of March this year had created quite a ripple within the crypto domain. The major highlight of the cryptocurrency was the fact that it rewarded early investors with over 20,000 percent returns. In April it hit an all-time high, grabbing the attention and interest of the crypto world. However, following this, the prices plummeted by about 70 percent. Nevertheless, it hasn’t lost its element of intrigue as crypto investors still view it as a currency with great potential with the capability of becoming the next big hit.

The only effort involved when it comes to Safemoon is the buying process which can prove to be a bit tricky. This is mainly because of the fact that is not yet available in the top cryptocurrency exchanges since it is a new entry into the crypto world. Direct purchase of Safemoon is not possible with cash. It requires another cryptocurrency and Binance coin(BNB) is the one that is generally recommended. Now with the Safemoon wallet and the latest update which makes it easier to purchase BNB, the scope has been enhanced twofold.

Although these features seem quite intriguing it must be kept in mind that “a coin has two sides.” One shouldn’t lose sight of the flaws by focussing too much on the good part. Because the fact still stands that Safemoon entails high-risk. This is the reason why many users refer to it as a “pump and dump.” The 10 percent selling fee is the only point of intrigue that sets it apart from the rest. Thus, it will be prudent to be cautious while investing in Safemoon.

Responses on Twitter

Twitter has been filled with reactions and responses ever since the news about the BNB buy button began making its rounds on the internet. The responses are quite varied with most users facing complications while transferring from Trust to the Safemoon Wallet, with some even losing tokens. Let us go through a few of the reactions and responses on Twitter following the news.




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