Tesla’s New Automation Set-Up With Comau Robotics Equipment

Stellantis owned Italian-based Comau Robotics is getting ready to set automation equipment in Tesla’s Fremont Factory. Located in Northern California the Tesla’s factory is going to expand with a new highly automated manufacturing set-up. 

Image credits- Comau

Permits submitted to Fremont

As per the documents submitted at Fremantle, Tesla plans to have highly automated equipment. Specially designed for electric vehicles, with effective manufacturing techniques. 

Interestingly, the Fremont factory is the only one to manufacture all four models currently. Elon Musk admitted in the past about the difficulty of production. As they have come so far, the improbable of the need of humans at times during automated manufacturing is recognized. 

As the company aims to expand globally, it needs more efficient and faster production processes. 

Comau Robotics manufacturer

Subsidy of Stellantis, Comau Robotics was founded in 1973, Italy. This company has a portfolio of supplying services and products in automotive, renewables, and other industries. Having marked its presence in 14 countries, their expertise would help enhance Tesla’s automation development. 

Stellantis and Tesla have been working together prior to this. It was when Stellantis needed credits from Tesla. Also, Comau recently began collaborating with Rockwell Automation.  With an aim to help industries shift to automation and digitalization, both companies are set with new techniques. Which are much simpler and practical than already existing ones. 

As said my Rockwell Automation Chairman and CEO, Blake Moret, 

“Industrial companies are looking for efficient ways to integrate Robotics into their operations for process optimization and agility. Rockwell Automation’s collaboration with Comau will simplify programming and lifecycle management,  accelerating time to value for our customers.” 

Stellantis and Tesla 

Newly formed Stellantis has been buying credits from Tesla. However, only recently the company no longer needed to purchase credits. However, both the companies would get along with Comau. 

Furthermore, Stellantis now claims they can reach their reduced carbon emissions goals on their own. As said by the CEO Carlos Tavares, 

“With the electrical technology that PSA brought to Stellantis, we will autonomously meet carbon dioxide emission regulations as early as this year. Thus, we will not need to call on European CO2 credits, and FCA will no longer have to pool with Tesla or anyone.” 

Moreover, Comau Robotics has expertise in electric vehicles from batteries to e-driving manufacturing. Also, the company can analyze what the industries are, let it be large-scale production or small scale. They have proven to be successful so far.