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South Korean tax laws will favor crypto miners

The tax laws in South Korea are really good for crypto miners. And the recent details about the same make it really a great place for setting up a mining firm. Miners can now claim their costs as tax deductions and save a lot. These tax deductions will include electricity bills and any other cost that goes into the firm’s daily operation. South Korean authorities have also confirmed that tax will be imposed on gains or losses from 2022 and not 2021.

South Korea is now helping crypto miners

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Yes, even though the officials in the country did impose some strict laws that make tax payments mandatory, they have loosened the same for miners. We did hear news about confiscations of holdings due to tax evasions in the country. At the same time, authorities reported that all exchanges in the country that don’t register under their new policies would be shut down instantly. But it is difficult to say what suddenly changed for the government that they are giving such benefits to miners.

The kind of pace with which banks are adopting the new financial technology is making even governments reconsider their decision. It is obvious that even countries want their place to become a hub for this new industry that’s been growing. Therefore, South Korea is getting lenient like Kentucky that gave tax breaks to crypto miners.

What does this mean for the industry?

We should know that governments are trying to give these benefits because they know the growth scope of the mining industry. It is a very nascent industry, and the sooner governments start bringing it to the nation, the better chances they have at a brighter picture. Those who think it is just another bubble might be right, but if they ain’t, then those countries will fall behind 20 years not embracing this new technology. I think this is the time when governments should be the most active about what to embrace and what not to. And taking the right decision will take us a long way.

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