Tesla Tops JD Power dependability scores

Tesla’s ranking on dependability scores go from worst to one of the best

Tesla’s ranking on JD Power’s Dependability scores was among the world’s worst-ranked cars. However, now Tesla Model 3, Model Y, and Model S have the highest scores on the list, being among the best-selling premium cars in the US. The Model 3 was listed under Premium Battery Electric vehicle with a score of 777 out of 1,000. While Ford’s electric pony scored 741 points out of 1,000.

Tesla Tops JD Power dependability scores
Image credits- Inside EVs

J.D. Power uses consumer survey data to report the number of problems per 100 vehicles owners experienced during the previous 12 months, a metric it calls PP100. Tesla got a score of 176 PP100, which would place Tesla 31st out of 34 brands covered in the 2021 dependability report. The rank would be as stated if J.D. Power were to formally rank Tesla.

J.D. Power held back from including Tesla in the official rankings, choosing instead to “profile” the electric vehicle maker. This is because, according to J.D. Power, Tesla doesn’t grant permission to survey owners of its cars in 15 states, unlike other manufacturers. “However, Tesla’s score was calculated based on a robust sample of surveys from owners in the other 35 states,” J.D. Power said in a press release.

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This year’s survey involved 8,122 electric vehicle owners who were asked about ten specific categories, including the cost of ownership of their vehicle, styling, reliability, quality, and battery range. The results of the study were undeniable: when buyers purchase an electric vehicle, they are generally satisfied. This was highlighted by Brent Gruber, Sergio director of global automotive at JD Power in a press release.

Gruber stated, “Making the initial leap of faith into owning a BEV is proving to be very satisfying. We know from our research that many consumers have concerns during the purchase consideration process with aspects like battery range and vehicle charging. However, once someone has purchased a BEV, they’re pretty much hooked.”

Furthermore added, “What will keep first-time owners coming back to buy another BEV is the compelling experience with the safety and technology features, lower service and maintenance costs, and pure driving enjoyment. The new BEVs from traditional brands are helping to attract even more first-time buyers,”

J.D. Power has been conducting the survey for 32 years. U.S. consumers aren’t alone in questioning the dependability of Tesla, run by its hard-charging CEO Elon Musk. Earlier this month, China’s top regulatory body, the State Administration for Market Regulation, warned Tesla that it must strengthen internal management and abide by Chinese laws and regulations. J.D. Power said in its release, “Vehicle dependability is at an all-time high, with the overall level of problems cited by owners declining 10% from a year ago,”