Tesla’s reliable renewable energy for a hospital in Haiti

Tesla’s Powerpacks are getting more important, as renewable energy in the reliable form helps save the day. World Hope Organisation in Haiti, located in the Caribbean country is receiving Tesla Powerpacks. This ensures the hospital is receiving sustainable power packs.

Image credits- Build Health International

Furthermore, the hospital is located on the island of LaGonave, where the 2010 earthquake impact is still there. At that time the hospital received generous donations to have a solar system array and energy storage system. However, the wear and tear of the solar system led to half the capacity of the system.

The reliability

More than 3,000 houses in South Australia installed Tesla, and have proven to be reliable. More than 80% of the supply is from the solar panels installed. And another 20 houses installation in SA is anounced.

In the month of March 2021, the Tesla Powerpacks sponsored by Sunpro Solar employees was installed in an orphanage in Haiti. Grace Children’s home has around 20 children living with them. By keeping the energy costs low, the saved money can be invested in children’s health care.

The orphanage is used to having solar panels earlier too. However, a thunderstorm in 2020 destroyed the solar panels. Now they have installed Tesla Powerpacks and solar panels to have a reliable and cheaper energy supply.

Reliable energy sources are rare in Haiti, with gas prices being $15 per gallon. Though the ones in Australia aren’t 100% solar, because the supply from the state department is there in case the Powerwall fails. But in Haiti, the ones who install solar panels rely 100% on the solar power generated.

Certified providers

Sunpro is one among the other certified installers with whom Tesla has aligned. Last year in September there was a 50% reduction in price. Another company certified to install is Good Faith Energy.

The CEO of Good Faith Energy installed the first Tesla Powerpacks in his home with 9.8kW power. Additionally, both the installers have a strong presence in solar panel installation in the US.

As the hospital anounced, the installation would ensure a 24/7 power supply. They have been providing medical care since 1948 and they are getting better at it. Installing solar Powerpacks ensures safety of the 120,000 island residents who rely on the hospital.

Also, the 90 local residents working in the Wesleyen hospital can provide their services without any worries. All medical services like childcare specialty and maternity are there. Also, the surgical services include Tubal Ligations, Cesarean Sections, and Vasectomies.

Every medical care required a reliable energy source, and Tesla is proving to be of high potential in that aspect.