Tesla’s roller coaster ride in China, battery making plans in the US

Tesla’s Q2 sales in China also include export sales. Despite having good numbers the political and competitive challenges keep coming for the company. Their promotions in China keep increasing like loan offers, lower price versions of Model Y, and many more. In the US, Tesla’s upcoming Texas manufacturing plant and new battery manufacturing along with new models like the upcoming Cybertruck and the recently released Model S Plaid. All of them can increase supply chain pressure more than before.

Price of Tesla vehicles surges on supply chain pressure: Elon Musk -  BusinessToday
Image credits- Business Today

Tesla’s Q2 in China was not so smooth with negative media publicity and customer complaint. Alongside there were regulatory pressures, which started in Q1 when the military banned Tesla cars in select locations. The sales in May and June picked up after the specially assigned team worked hard on eliminating negative publicity.

Since the last month, the company has been coming up with various concepts to attract customers. Like loan offer campaigns and a cheaper version Model Y launch. In June, there was a 26% increase in sales compared to the month of May. According to Bloomberg, Tesla is back on track.

Tesla bull and Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives said, “China is the linchpin to the bull thesis. You need to see a ramp in the second half of the year.”

Tesla in the US

The new models to be released by Tesla are highly efficient and need more raw materials. Having ambitious goals to have your own battery manufacturing would mean more supply chain. This year Tesla’s CEO and founder, Elon Musk admitted that Tesla had to increase the prices because the increase in the prices of supply chain materials couldn’t be avoided.

In three years, Tesla cars are expected to cost $25,00 with cutting-edge technology in the market. Furthermore, during the release of Model S Plaid, the Plaid+ version was canceled. Musk said that the Plaid version was good enough and there is no need for a Plaid+.

Another upcoming product that is expected to be in demand, 4680 batteries. Currently being tested on prototype models, the manufacturing is expected to start this year. In alliance with Panasonic and another supplier, Tesla is closely working to start complete production by 2023. The initial manufacturing in 2021-22 would be limited and only for limited vehicles. In reference to dry battery electrode, Musk said, “It has required an *immense* amount of engineering to take Maxwell’s proof-of-concept to high-quality, volume production & we’re still not quite done,”

CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management, Investor Ross Gerber said, “Tesla adapts very quickly to what they need. I just don’t see any huge catalyst, like, oh, they’re gonna blow out their numbers this quarter. We are much more bullish for Q3 than Q2.”