The best camera drones you can find in 2020

Drones are the new photographic tool, both in video and photo. They have come into our lives to get us to see the world from a very different perspective

The drones have come into our lives to get to see the world from a very different perspective than usual. There are models for all audiences, from small drones that allow us to record as a family in the home garden to professionals with whom we can take a shot of a movie.

Furthermore, miniaturization has made it possible for these flying creations to be tucked into a backpack. Thus, we can take them with us to our next getaway, getting some spectacular memories.

If what tempts us is the pleasure of piloting, we can live the experience of flying in first person thanks to the FPV mode. It allows us to see in real time what the camera is capturing, either through the phone screen, or with virtual reality glasses, which isolate us from reality and immerse us in the action of flight.

Identify what your needs and abilities are, and if you are not sure, start in the activity in the most recreational way, learning and gaining ease with the simplest models, and then go to another level. To advance towards professional models, it is advisable to instruct yourself in a pilot school, in addition to having clear current legislation.

How do camera drones work?

Camera Drones

The drones that we are going to deal with are those that work with propellers, which gives them the opportunity to hold onto a point in the air. They do not plan; they need the power of their motors to make any movement. 

They are something like a helicopter, but with several engines and propellers that manage to perform the main movements – yaw, tilt, pitch, altitude – and remain stable in the air. It is played with the different intensities of the motors, which are independent.

Another vital element of the drone is the remote control, which can sometimes be replaced by a mobile phone. We also have a receiver, which receives the orders on the drone, and the batteries, which provide power to the engines.

The most important specifications that we use to know and compare drones are the weight of the set, the speed it is capable of achieving, the altitude, the operating range, the control methods and the autonomy . The latter is the most critical, since they are devices that cannot be working for many minutes (it is recommended to buy more than one battery).

On the other hand, it is very important to follow the current legislation in the territory or municipality in which it is going to be used, as well as having the necessary qualification, authorizations, insurance … Everything varies according to the type of drone, there are even models that They need an ID.

Types of possible specifications for the drone camera

Camera Drones

Drone photography takes on a new dimension. In effect, a camera can be attached to a drone to record aerial shots in a way that is impossible to achieve with other means.

There are many levels of quality, from very simple cameras to highly stable professional recording systems. Let’s get to know some important specifications:


Possibly the specification that creates the most differences between the models on the market is the resolution at which they are capable of recording: the simplest remain in HD, with the sole purpose of seeing the scenes on the phone or keeping the memory.

If we go up a step, we start to find many models that record in 1080p format, very smoothly, this is already very useful content, to see on big screens. The maximum level of video recording is 4K format, a capacity associated with the most professional drones.


As far as photography is strictly concerned, we have to know that the type of lenses used in drones are very angular, designed to capture a very wide field of information, which is why they do not focus on definition and most models mid-range range around 12 megapixels.


How are the contents saved? The most common thing is to have memory cards so that it is stored at the highest quality, but some simple gadgets lack them and directly send the information to the phone where it is being issued.


Another of the great advances of recording drones is in the introduction of stabilizers, which make shots extremely smooth. There are even models that have motors to be able to remotely direct where the camera points. We will be pilots and camera operators at the same time.

The best camera drones you can find on the market

Camera Drones

It is impossible to establish categories of drones according to your camera, but it is a reality that we can find them in a basic equipment to start you for a price that ranges between 60 and 200 euros. Some of them look more like toys than cameras, but it can be an interesting approach to drones.

If what we want is directly a model that makes good photographs and videos in high definition, then the budget is in the range of between 300 and 800 euros. Here gimbals and intelligent flight systems begin to appear.

Although with the previous step we can do anything, it is possible to establish one more category: those who have professional recording equipment and whose prices are at 1,500 euros. These drones have higher quality cameras and lenses; they also boast element detection systems.

As for the size, it is independent of the price, since the industry has managed to make them really small, even in models with high-level cameras. As renowned manufacturers, DJI and Parrot stand out best drones around $200, but there are more interesting labels.