The Best Free Online Video Editors In 2021

With the explosion of Tik Tok, videos are increasingly seeping into our everyday lives. When we don’t have a lot of storage space on our phones and computers, online video editors couldn’t be more convenient for us, and today here is a review of the best online editors to use in 2021. Let’s take a look together.


Flexclip is a free online video editor. Whether you want to make professional business videos or you want to make personal videos to share with friends and family, FlexClip online video editor can meet your needs. FlexClip is a nifty and powerful editor to simplify your editing process, so you can finish video editing easily and quickly. It has functions such as putting music to photos, recording voice over, adding watermark etc.


Promo is a top-rated online video maker, and there are quite a few reasons why it’s so famous. Number one, it’s easy to use even if you have no prior experience in the field, and number two, videos created on this platform are stunning and perform very well on social media. One of its definite strong suits is the sheer amount of templates it offers, over 4,000 of them. The amount of ready-to-use royalty-free clips is even more staggering, 23 million. So, with Promo’s help, you won’t have any problems creating a viral Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube video.


BeeCut is a small, lightweight video editing program that everyone can use to make beautiful birthday videos, wedding videos, and Christmas videos. It also provides users with a free online editor to easily make videos without downloading any software. The main functions of the online video editor include: trim video, merge video, rotate video, dub video, extract audio from video, convert video to GIF, change video speed, mute video, etc.


Canva is a free online design tool for creating videos whenever you want, from wherever you want. Many people use Canva to create Facebook images, Ins, but in fact, in addition to creating beautiful images, Canva can also create PPTs and even videos. You can make amazing high-quality videos with Canva, even if you don’t have video editing skills. It’s easy to use and also offers a library of preset video templates, free stock videos, animations, and music tracks to make it possible to create a beautiful short video in minutes.


Clipchamp is a free online video editor with professional features. Over 13 million inexperienced editing users from over 200 countries and regions use it to make videos. In addition to the basic editing functions, Clipchamp also provides a large number of video templates, if you don’t have a clear idea on how to make a video, you can take a look at their templates for inspiration.


LightMV is an online video editing program, very suitable for users who do not have any type of basic video editing. It offers a large number of video templates suitable for various scenarios, such as birthday videos, wedding videos, Merry Christmas videos, Happy New Year videos, etc. Of course, there is also the next Fallas festival, there are also exclusive video templates to make your own personalized Fallas videos.


Kizoa is an online video montage, presentation editor and author application that makes it easy to create Instagram snapshots, virtual class videos, promotional videos, and YouTube videos. Rich video templates are also available and of course you can create custom videos for any type of business, for social media and videos for educational purposes. The main usage scenarios are family, education, business and social.


Wideo is a simple and intuitive online video editor. One thing that sets it apart from other similar programs is the ability to add animations to your videos easily and without prior design experience. Using Wideo to create video intros, ecommerce presentations, and promotional videos is a good option. We are in the “era of distraction” and nothing better than a video to capture the attention of your audience.


Clideo is a free online video editor. It has many functions for video montage and editing. You could make video with photos, extract audio from video, create online memes, join videos, flip screen, compress video, put music to video, mute video etc. It is super easy to use it to make custom videos. Plus, it has predesigned resolution settings for Instagram, Stories, YouTube, and Facebook, so you won’t need to search for a special app to resize the video.


Renderforest online video editor offers you all the tools you need to create or edit online videos, directly in your browser, without the need to download or install anything. The carefully designed templates of our online video maker come with a variety of tools that can turn your images into a video. You could trim the videos, add texts and apply transitions to enhance your video.


Videoloan is the easiest way to create videos online. You could create videos with Videoloan for your blogs, e-commerce, social networks, YouTube channel etc. It has a bank of video templates. You could select a template, customize the video with its professional video editor to put music to photos, put subtitles to video, and then you can preview the video made in low resolution.


These are the best online video editing programs in 2021, we could use videos to record our travels, appreciate our daily life, express our personal feelings etc. You can choose the most suitable one to make personalized and exclusive videos according to your needs. Of course, if you know of other good online video editing software, we invite you to leave your comments below.