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The Best Wireless Video Systems 2020 of Black Friday Deals

Here are the Best Black Friday Deals 2020 for filmmakers. You can shop right now on Vaxis official shop https://www.vaxis.shop

With Black Friday coming up in less than two weeks, will Vaxis have 2020 Black Friday?

Yes. Vaxis is running not one, but three Black Friday sales events in November 2020. 

Below, check out everything we know about Vaxis Black Friday 2020 so far, or directly visit Vaxis community on Facebook to learn the latest news.

Vaxis Black Friday deals list is available now with new huge savings on Vaxis wireless products.

For the first of the Black Friday events, Vaxis released the ATOM 600 KV wireless video system for Red Komodo camera on 12th November at 7 a.m. CST. 

Users can get 25% off within the first 24 hours period and can get 10% off later. For more details, please visit the Vaxis Community on Facebook.

The second Vaxis surprise is Vaxis’ interesting quiz #mysterycode in Vaxis’s Facebook group, with netizens, from 18th November, at 6 a.m. 2020 CST. to Thanksgiving day.

Join the Vaxis community on Facebook to solve the mystery code, and send your answer to Vaxisglobal on Facebook to get Vaxis surprise prizes for Thanksgiving Day. Every genius with the right answer can get the prize. 100% win.

The next wave of sales follows on 20th November, at 4 am, CST. Vaxis provides the best deals for you all. You can shop right now with Black Friday price.

50% OFF is not merely a publicity stunt. It is real. 

STORM 058 WIRELESS MONITOR+STORM 3000 DV TX $3040(was $6080) at the Vaxis shop.

STORM 072 WIRELESS MONITOR+STORM 3000 DV TX $3190(was $6380) at the Vaxis shop.

Vaxis Official Shop: https://www.vaxis.shop

Vaxis Storm 058/072 wireless monitor is named as game-changer by Vaxis fans – the first and best choice for focus pullers around the globe.

Vaxis Storm 058/072 wireless monitor is not a simple assembly of wireless image transmission and monitoring. It is an integrated mainboard, integrating the functions of two products on a single mainboard. It integrates wireless image transmission and monitor at the chip level, and greatly reduces space and weight. Making 058 lighter than ever.

Compatible with all the Vaxis Storm line wireless transmitters.

Meanwhile, the Vaxis Storm 3000 DV TX is compatible with all the Vaxis Storm line wireless receivers.

The STORM 058 WIRELESS MONITOR + STORM 3000 DV TX brings users better vision.

1500ft video-audio transmission with zero delay, with High Brightness High Sharpness High image quality (1080p). Dual NPF battery provides 3.5 hours of power supply. 

ATOM 500 HDMI $299(was $399) at Vaxis Official Shop

ATOM 500 SDI $399 (was $459) at Vaxis Official Shop

Vaxis Official Shop: https://www.vaxis.shop

The ATOM 500 offers a traditional connection through HDMI as well as a connection through the ATOM App to monitor via your iPad or iPhone. It is the best entry-level wireless video system in 2020.

ATOM 500 HDMI is powered by Type-C or Sony NPF style battery. The users can power it by any USB-C power bank, with more flexibility with power.

 The built-in antenna of the ATOM 500 greatly reduce signal loss in complicated shooting locations. 

ATOM 500 SDI makes Vaxis history, makes filmmakers’ day.

To satisfy your unique preferences, Vaxis provides a variety of skins with personally customized body appearances. Professional, stable, and neat. For more details, check on Vaxis official shop https://www.vaxis.shop

Storm 2000 wireless video system $2999 (was $3980) at Vaxis Official Shop

STORM 2000

Storm 1000s wireless video system $2399 (was $2680) at Vaxis Official Shop

Vaxis official shop  https://www.vaxis.shop

STORM 1000S:A durable new product is almost immune from falling, bumping, high temperature, sandstorms. A flexible new product compatible with all cameras with various mounting options.

Hidden Antenna:Free from antenna installation and failure, making the Storm 1000s more efficient and durable than ever.

Smaller and Easier:Supports 1/4′ and 3/8′ thread, no extra accessories needed. 1/4′ thread is still available if you are used to mounting with a Noga arm.

Better Ventilation, Improved Compatibility:We redesigned the ventilation system, to make the fan to the front and air outlet to the side, so that the heat will not affect the camera body.

Brand New Motherboard:Storm 1000s is featured with a brand new motherboard that can reduce the signal interference and improve the transmission distance to 350 meters.

Supports Arri 0′ Mode:0′ mode provides an instant playback feature when you connect with Arri Alexa Mini.

Supports 20 Channels:  Brand new Vaxis frequency standard, featured with 20 channels, which can efficiently avoid signal interference and improve TX and RX’s working performance simultaneously.

Are these product discount closed on Thanksgiving 2020?

No, certainly not. The super sales price will be available until 4th December CST, 2020.

Visit Vaxis Shop: https://www.vaxis.shop to order your wireless video devices. The Best Wireless Video Systems 2020 of Black Friday Deals all in Vaxis Shop.



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