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The Boring Company expanding as it gets approvals for Las Vegas Strip

On Wednesday, The Boring Company received approvals for the Las Vegas Strip from Clark County Commissioners who voted anonymously. The venture goes one step further as they start digging for the 29 miles of tunnel. This Las Vegas Strip will connect a 51 station network where various hotels and other prominent destinations are located. The route is between Allegiant Stadium and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Disney Monorail to Tesla in Tunnels: Vegas Transportation

Image credits- Traders Nick Tea Company

Now, the company needs approvals before excavating. The Clark County Nevada stated, “Commissioners just approved an agreement with the @boringcompany to establish and maintain a transportation system that will go under the Las Vegas Strip.”

The Boring Company president, Steve Davis told the media that the company will progress in phases. As they complete work on individual stations, they will open them immediately. With the hope to start from five to ten stations every six months, the company plans to have 15-20 stations every year eventually. Within three years, the company plans to finish the construction.

As they have already started testing in other locations, the company hasn’t fully lived up to its ambitious goals. Davis stated they could transport 57,000 riders every hour. Initially, it was supposed to be 4,400 passengers every hour, but so far it is known that they are able to move only 576 people every hour.  It was also stated that it will be from point to point transport.

Starts hiring people

The Boring Company’s page posted, “We’re looking for talented individuals ready to get their hands dirty to make a meaningful impact that will last for generations to come. We are an equal opportunity employer offering competitive salaries, comprehensive health benefits, and equity packages,”

The company posted a few positions in Texas and Las Vegas. These job positions make it seem like they need people for Prufrock, a machine behind the tunnels. The hiring ramp has been heavily focused on building more tunnels. For production here are six positions available. President and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) Steve Holl said, “Las Vegas continues to innovate and transform itself.  The Vegas Loop will be a game-changer for our visitors in moving them around our exciting destination quickly, conveniently, and in an entertaining ‘Only Vegas’ way,”

Also, the company proposed tunnels in San Antonio and Austin back in August. The Boring Company was spotted in Texas, including the Prufrock. As the company is expanding the locations will also be developed once the transportations start.



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