How to Cancel your Google fiber internet service?

Cancel your Google fiber internet service is really easy and can be done very quickly. 

Google fiber gives the service of FTTP which is short for fiber to the premises.
As of now, Google fiber service is currently operating in 18 cities of the states of America.
Google has taken another step to expand its services. At present days, the service of Google fiber is available for 18 cities in the US. Google fiber, for now, is putting forward services like internet service, TV Streaming, and also phone plans. The expenditure of your plan may depend on the different regions they are extended to. However, if you talk about a 1,000 Mbps (also known as a megabit per second) download speed, prepare your pockets to spend around $70 a month. If you choose to go with a plan that has download speeds ranging up from 100 Mbps, you will find plans which start at $50 a month.
In all honesty, if you try out the speed, you will realize that the price Google is charging for its fiber internet service is quite competitive. In the hot talks of industries, it is being claimed that Google has come out with its very own Google fiber just so the other dynamic services improve their internet speed quality which in turn will allow other Google products to work with a better speed. It is yet to know for certain that Google fiber is out here to give a competition or just to set out its fiber-optic network.
In case you too had earlier decided to surf the web with Google fiber internet service for its unmatched speed, quality, and value for money but you still wish to cancel it, this webpage is your savior.
Talking about most of the cases, one decides to cancel the service before the installation takes place. In such situations, the process to cancel Google fiber internet service is really easy and we will tell you how exactly.
Cancel your Google fiber internet service

Here is how to cancel Google fiber internet service with quick and easy steps-

 The very first step is to visit the Google fiber page and then login with your credentials.
From all the steps you get, tap on the option of Manage profile link.
On the manage profile link, you will find many options again. Find and click on ‘Cancel fiber service link’.
You will be prompted for a confirmation for canceling the Google fiber service. Click on ‘Confirm’.
In case you don’t see the cancel fiber service link, you will have to contact the fiber’s customer service department and take care of the process at the first hand.
In case you wish to connect to the customer service department you can do it by various means like phone, text, email, live chat, fax, or even snail mail, etc.