The popular Super Bowl advertisement on Coinbase company that came out just a week ago is currently in minor confusion. The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, takes the credit of the ad to his company in one of his recent tweets on Twitter. The ad shows a bouncing QR code on a blank screen with a piece of background music that gives the vibe of a 90’s sound recorder. When you scan the dancing QR code it takes you to a landing page with an offer for $15 in free bitcoin if they signed up for Coinbase by Feb. 15. The ad proved to be a bit too successful, that Coinbase’s website crashed from too much traffic almost immediately after airing its Super Bowl spot. This just doesn’t end here.

Armstrong explains in his tweet how they ended up getting the innovative idea for their ad. He also shows his disagreement with the convention Super Bowl ad.Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong's Twitter thread

Just immediately, The CEO was bashed on Twitter for taking the whole credit of the ad. The tweet offended the ad agency members of the Super Bowl since the game is all about their ads and less about the football game. Martin Agency CEO, Kristen Cavallo, replied to Armstrong by reminding him that the same idea was already pitched to the company way before. Therefore, contradicting what Armstrong stated.

People saw the argument quite heated up that urgently needed water to cool it down. Coinbase had previously credited another agency, Accenture Interactive, as the creative force behind the Super Bowl, AdWeek reported. Armstrong’s tweets did not credit Accenture Interactive or Martin Agency. It is funny the company forgot to acknowledge the marketing work which gained immense focus in the market.

At this point, the Coinbase company needed a backup to not get called out dreadfully by the users. Relieved, Kate Rouch, the Chief Marketing Officer of Coinbase covered the spilled milk smartly.

The ad was definitely a hit in the market and the credits should not get confused. The Super Bowl ads have always made up to the news in every possible sense. Gladly, this confusion did not lead to any controversy rather, it got smartly managed.