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The creator of “Metaverse” has no idea about Facebook’s Meta plans
Author Neal Stephenson said he isn't advising Facebook on its vision for the metaverse.

Between these hot climate issues, hotter topics are popping out every day related to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, or Meta.

This week we have seen that Facebook changed its name to Meta. Between those scandals, a bunch of leaked documents hoping this will distract people and rebrand its image. With this huge investment in the virtual world that CEO called “Metaverse”

But it seems this action created some headache for the author of this term.

Sci-fi author Neal Stephenson, who created this term first in his book “Snow Crash” in 1992. On Friday he took to social media that he didn’t have any involvement in the company’s project metaverse.

He said, “There was not a single conversation between me and Facebook. And there is not any kind of business relationship”.

Stephenson tweeted, “Since there is some sort of confusion is growing on this. It’s an obvious fact that they are using the term I coined in one of the published books “Snow Crash”, but I have no involvement in their business  and nothing to do anything in their Metaverse thing.”

In Stephenson’s metaverse, users are represented by avatars, controllable avatars that can appear in virtual form. These users can access the metaverse by using personal equipment or gadgets which is responsible for people’s avatars to appear in low quality.

In Zuckerberg’s metaverse, there is the same kind of technology. It will allow people to show them in avatars. But it is unclear that how the poor-quality internet connection can affect these avatar appearances.

According to the Snow Crash, there is a dangerous side also present in his Metaverse. If the person’s Metaverse is corrupted by any computer virus or hacking attack. Then some others can use and do any unethical work in someone’s personal world. They can effectively harm their online avatars.

A Twitter user wrote in her tweet “Snow Crash is coming” which included images of Mark Zuckerburg’s presentation on the Metaverse.

Journalist David M. Perry wrote, “The #metaverse in snow crash was part of an extreme dystopia fueled by unregulated corporate takeover of all basic government functions on a for-profit basis!”


Due to many tweets of this type, numerous people think there is a relation between the author Neal Stephenson and Mark Zuckerberg. But this is denied by himself.



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