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The cricket betting market gets traction as more indians gain access to the internet

Notably, cricket is the second most followed sport globally after football. Even though cricket fans are distributed worldwide, a considerable population comes from India. A fact is that hockey is India’s national sport; however, cricket is the most played and watched game among the locals. With this in mind, betting sites have incorporated promotional offers that profit Indians most. It has, therefore, resulted in a steady increase in cricket betting among the Indians. This feature explains how the cricket betting market has gained traction in India.

It is the Safest Betting Option

The first thing to note is that the Indian government has illegalized all forms of betting and gambling among its citizens. If one is found to violate the law, they will be punished by the state. However, there are no rules and regulations regarding online betting and whether or not locals should engage in it.

With this said, a majority of the Indians have flocked the cricket betting sites as they are not prohibited. They have peace of mind knowing they are not violating any law. The good news is, there has been an increase in demand for sports betting to be legalized. There is, therefore, a chance that this demand might be granted due to the rise in the number of online bettors in India. It is an aspect that favours online cricket betting.

Fast and Easy Money

As stated above, India has a majority of cricket fans worldwide. This means they certainly understand the sport much better. What is also of importance to note is that most Indians play cricket. This, therefore, means that they have a high chance of winning their bets on a cricket game as they are more conversant with it.

Even though there is a high probability of winning the bets, there is also a possibility of losing. To increase your winning chances, it would be best to learn more about the games involved and the betting sites you should rely on. What is right is for one to bet on legalized sites as they have better odds. Through this, you are sure to improve your cricket betting experience as you are at a greater chance of earning an extra coin.

Accessibility and Convenience

The growth of technology has enhanced the operation of several sectors in the industry. With a reliable internet connection, it is now possible for Indians to download a cricket game via the app and enjoy it. Aside from this, they can bet within the comfort of their homes. Even when one is stuck at their workplace, they can place their bets without worrying that they will miss without. This indicates that the geographical location of an individual does not limit them from betting and making money.

An incredible fact about cricket betting is it is also accessible to individuals that have limited income. With a low amount, one can bet on their favourite time and have a chance of winning to better their finances.

Rise in Number of Internet Users

What is certain is there has been a gradual increase in the number of internet users in India. This is an aspect that has propelled the popularity of cricket online betting in the region. By the end of 2020, there were at least 700 million internet users in India. This indicates that most of the Indian population spend a significant time of their waking hours on their phone.

Since the population is more conversant with cricket, they are drawn to gambling for the games more. It, therefore, implies that cricket gambling in India is there to stay and grow in the betting industry.

Positive Experience With Cricket Betting

In India, top sports organizations and management agencies have investments in betting. This implies that the prize for a winning bet is significant. This, therefore, encourages more people to bet, knowing they will bag more money. Players also feel safe playing knowing that they rely only on the Indian Premier Leagues, backed by great investments.

Indians have a great experience as they do not have to visit the betting centre to raise their issues. However, the sites are keen to note the players’ challenges and ensure to solve them in due time.

There are several cricket tournaments spread across the year. With this, players have numerous winning opportunities from the game. This is among the leading reasons why more people are drawn to cricket betting.

Bonuses to Enjoy

If one doesn’t have money to watch a cricket game or don’t have a Television, they can enjoy their phones through online bookmaker sites. With online bookies, players can bet for their favourite team and have a chance of watching them.

As stated above, sites have promotion packages that suit the Indian niche most, capturing more cricket fans’ attention. The packages include free betting opportunities and gifts. Since the locals enjoy crickets, they are at a high chance of participating, keeping in mind that the rewards they will get are incredible.


As said above, stringent measures put on gambling and betting by the Indian government does not affect online betting. With this, more people go for cricket betting, knowing they are in a safe zone. Also, the fact that Indians play and understand the game better leads to them betting more. Even with this knowledge, it is best to research the upcoming games; this increases the winning chances. With the popularity that cricket is getting in India, what is evident is the game blossoming future.



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