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The curious case of Adam Levine and the role played by TikTok

Adam Levine has been making headlines over the past couple of days for all the wrong reasons. As an Instagram model, Sumner Stroh came forward with shocking revelations on TikTok about being in an affair with the Maroon 5 singer and revealed the flirtatious DMs the lead singer deemed right to send to another woman despite being married to another, things have been a colossal wreck for Levine. Although he posted an apology on Instagram for the behavior, things soon went out of hand as more and more women came forward with inappropriate DM stories from Levine. The whole Adam Levine fiasco also places due emphasis on the evolving role of TikTok and the way it has entirely altered the gossip culture. Some even suggest that if not for TikTok, the Adam Levine story might not have attracted the massive attention it did. Read along to know more.

Adam Levine

Adam Levine

The What and Why

For those who are clueless about why Adam Levine memes are flooding social media, here is the context. Apparently, the Maroon 5 lead singer crossed a line with his alleged DMs with women despite the fact that he’s already married to model Behati Prinsloo. Several lines from the rather cringe DMs became a source of inspiration for memes and parodies.

People had their reservations about Levine’s texting style pointing out the fact that his style was much on par with that of a teenage boy. (Let’s just hope that teenagers do a better job at texting and differentiating between what is appropriate and what is not). As odd as it sounds, the initial debate concerning whether his texting style was normal or cringe soon turned to more serious and relevant issues like the unfairness of blaming women who came forward. Because as we should be aware, cheating involves two people, and although it looks like Levine’s dictionary misses the word ‘loyalty,’ it was his duty to be loyal while being in a committed relationship. Model Emily Ratajkowski pointed out the “classic misogyny” inherent in this blame game through a TikTok video posted this week.

The whole issue also throws light on the booming popularity of TikTok and the way it has turned around the gossip culture. TikTok has indeed become the most ideal platform to talk about entertainment and celebrities, particularly ideal for revealing dirt about someone famous. Some are even of the opinion that TikTok played a substantial role in taking the Levine story up to the masses and piquing their interest.



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