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Amazon Employees Get an Email Stating their Miscalculated Compensation Due to a Glitch

According to recent reports, Amazon sent its employees an email stating miscalculated compensation due to a glitch. A similar incident happened with Honda due to an error. Read the entire article to get the whole story.

About the incident

According to the reports provided by Business Insider, a glitch led to an email with miscalculated compensation being forwarded to the employees. Reports suggest that the reason for this glitch was that a particular software took the data of Amazon’s earlier share prices and accordingly calculated the raises. “We identified and immediately corrected an issue with some newly promoted employees’ compensation communications,” an Amazon spokesperson told Fortune. We are working with employees to ensure they understand their updated compensation.”

e-commerce Site Amazon Accused Of Harassing Its Workers. (Image Courtesy: amazon.in)

(Image Courtesy: amazon.in)

This email created an extremely, unpleasant situation as the managers were required to tell the employees that they will get a lower compensation than was stated in the email they received. The company has resolved the glitch, adding that it was speaking to employees “to ensure they understand their updated compensation”, Business Insider reported. According to the reports provided by the New York Times, people at high posts have left Amazon due to the low salary offered by the company.

Amazon’s current situation

As stated previously, people are leaving the company due to low salary. The company has also faced a lot of protests from workers who aren’t being paid as much as they should. In the month of August, approximately 700 workers protested for a raise in salry in Essex, England. Amazon then raised their salaires to 42 cents per hour. The demand of the workers was to increase their salary by 2 pounds as stated in the reports provided by AP.

About Amazon

Amazon is a mutinational technological company and is popular all around the globe. The company has managed to gain the trust and faith of the customers over the years. People actually prefer shopping from Amazon for their various needs such as clothes, groceries, toiletries etc. It comes under the top 5 American information technology companies. Jeff Bezos is the founder of the company and this company came into existence in the year 1994. The company’s sole purpose is to keep their customers happy and satistied. The company has skilled and well-qualified employees working for it who strive to make the company what it is today. It is also a company that contributes a lot towards job creation and very diverse and flexible in its hiring procedure.



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